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Backcountry Discovery Routes is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization whose mission is to establish and preserve off-highway routes for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel.  Through education, advocacy, and promotion of responsible motorcycle travel, BDR seeks to preserve backcountry motorcycling opportunities for generations to come.

BDR works with land managers, state tourism departments and rural communities to keep backcountry roads accessible to motorcyclists.  Through careful investment of funds and volunteer resources, BDR is able to create new routes and provide free GPS tracks, photos, videos and planning tips for each route. The organization also works to educate the motorcycle community about responsible travel on public lands.

Backcountry Discovery Routes' goal is to create a new Backcountry Discovery Route each year for the Adventure Community.  For each BDR route, a full-length documentary DVD, a Butler motorcycle map, and free GPS tracks are produced. BDR works with motorcycle dealers across the US to organize BDR movie premieres and training seminars.

The BDR organization has a track record of making the subject states a major destination for motorcycle travel. The routes bring new tourism dollars to small towns, making a positive impact on these local economies.

Adventure Motorcycling encompasses more than just riding.  It's about passion, adventure, travel, risk-taking, personal triumph, camaraderie, and becoming one with nature and the world.  Since 2010, Backcountry Discovery Routes has inspired thousands of people -- seasoned adventure riders and those new to the sport -- to take advantage of the riding opportunities available in the United States.

Current projects include:

Washington Backcountry Discovery Route

Utah Backcountry Discovery Route 

Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route

Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Route

The BDR relies on a team of volunteers and ambassadors who contribute thousands of hours each year to carry out the mission of the BDR. Learn more about the BDR Ambassadors.

The future of the organization depends on donations from motorcyclists who have been inspired by the routes. Please help us keep the BDR movement rolling by becoming a BDR Member or making a donation to BDR.

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BDR could not have accomplished it's goals without support from individuals like you and our corporate sponsors including: Touratech-USA, Butler Motorcycle Maps, KLIM Technical Riding Gear, BMW Motorcycle Owners Group, NEMO Tents, Trailmaster Adventures, Noren Films, and other sponsors.

If your company is interested in partnering with Backcountry Discovery Routes, please contact us to discuss available sponsorship opportunities. 



Paul Guillien, Board President
Tom Myers
Sterling Noren
Bryce Stevens
Rob Watt 


Inna Thorn, Director of Operations


Major contributors to the BDR Grants Fund, making future BDR's possible:

Glenn Johnson
Kent Clausen
Tim Smith


  • Jeff Acquistapace
  • Mark Barron
  • Brian Bastuba
  • Laurie Behling
  • Alan Bermensolo
  • ValĂ©rie Julie Brousseau
  • Gregg Butk
  • Kent Clausen
  • James Crouch
  • Mike Curtis
  • Jeff Doar
  • David Emery
  • Al Figlioli
  • Mark Foster
  • Steve Haywood
  • Michael and Dawn Hein
  • Alexander Guth, ALYXMOTO INC.
  • Tim James
  • Robert Jandro
  • Glenn Johnson
  • Kenneth Johnson
  • William Judy
  • Steven Kilburg
  • Robert Kirby
  • Jason Lamb
  • Scott Lee
  • Frank Leonard
  • Bob MacLeod
  • Kyle McCoy
  • William McGuckin
  • Kam Miramadi
  • Hugh Mitchell
  • Thomas Montgomery
  • Kathleen Morel
  • Ron Ager, NW European Motoworks
  • John Mulcare
  • David Ow
  • Douglas Patchin
  • Timothy Pinkerton
  • Rick Polson
  • Robert Reger
  • Peter Richter
  • Brian Sarni
  • Joe Scott
  • Tim Smith
  • Maureen Smith
  • Craig Smith
  • Joseph Sonderman
  • James Sparrow
  • Scott Stevenson
  • Allen Sullivan
  • Rob Watt
  • Michael Wells
  • William Whitacre
  • Robert Wolff
  • Kevin Woody
  • Jeff Anderson
  • Allen E. Anderson
  • Benjamin Archer
  • James Ballard
  • Michael Bateman
  • Jack & Becky Betty
  • Steven Bushong
  • Paul Calisto
  • John Carnes
  • Robert Cary
  • Lorne Caughlin
  • William Chandler
  • Warren Chapman
  • Keystone Machine Corp.
  • Rick Crandell
  • Curtis Cummings
  • Gene Dackonish
  • Jeremy Donavich
  • Keith Dowdle
  • William Einig
  • John Erlandson
  • Carey Fougere
  • Douglas French
  • Rob Gamber
  • Robert Gaouette
  • Michael Gates
  • Mark Gibson
  • Robert Griffith
  • Sean Gross
  • John Hax
  • Bethany Hensley
  • Scott Higgs
  • Paul Hoffman
  • Todd Hunzeker
  • Alexander Jacobi
  • Kenneth Kirsch
  • Michael Kunz
  • Peter Labadie
  • Richard Locke
  • Joey Lord
  • Dave Luke
  • Rick Mayo
  • Eric Murdock
  • Tim Murphy
  • Shoichi Nakamura
  • Andrew Nikolai
  • Stephen OConnell
  • Jill Oliver
  • Paul Paniagua
  • Adrienne Pape
  • Roger Pattison
  • Scot Paul
  • Ronald Perry
  • Steve Poirier
  • Chris Poland
  • Philip Quartararo
  • Mike Reimer
  • Ronnie Saxton
  • Jonathan Scheeler
  • Jack Scott
  • Mike DiLeo, SkiDaddy.com
  • Kevin Slover
  • David Soderholm
  • Susan Stark
  • Joel Storm
  • Michael Sturm
  • Randall Thorson
  • Brian D. Tome
  • James Tooley
  • Darrell Urban
  • Darius Wallace
  • Donald Ward
  • Robert Watkins
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  • Ron West
  • Tom Whalen
  • Suzanne Wolf

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