IDBDR: Section 3 Closure - Hanover Fire

Aug 11th, 2017

There is a fire near Florence which has part of Section 3 Closed. The closure starts on the south end when you turn off of Salmon River Road onto Allison Creek Rd. It its closed all the way north to FS 354.

So you must go west on Salmon River Road to Riggins and travel north on Hwy 95 to Slate Creek and turn east on FS 354 where you will go back to east to join the route and head north.

Download the GPX file of the Hanover Fire Detour. 


Hanover Fire detour

Here is the Forest Service closure statement:

An area and road closure (Order No. 01-17-01-17-014) is in effect.

The closure area is defined within: starting at the junction of FS RD 221/444 traveling south along FS RD 221 to the junction of FS RD 221/354. Traveling west on FS RD 354 to the junction of FS RD354 and Forest Boundary. Following the Forest Boundary to the south until it intercepts with FS RD 441. Traveling south on FS RD 441 to the junction of FS RD 441/536. Traveling south on FS RD 536 to the junction of FS RD 536/221. Traveling south on FS RD 221 to County RD 1614 (Salmon River Road). Traveling east along County RD 1614 to the junction of Wind River Pack Bridge and FS Trail 312. Traveling north along FS Trail 312 to FS RD 444. Traveling west along FS RD 444 to the junction of FS RD 444 and FS RD 221 the point of beginning. Travel on these roads and trails and the area within is prohibited.

See a map of the area closure

· FS RD 354 will remain open to the North Fork Slate Creek Campground. Campground will remain open.
· River Camps and boat traffic along Main Salmon River are open to the public adjacent to closure area.
· Salmon River is open to all activities.
· County Road 1614 (Salmon River road) is open.
· FS RD 221 is open from County Road 1614 to FSRD 221/263.

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