We are in the process of creating a BDR Cookbook with our all-time favourite recipies and ideas for off-road cooking.  Email us Your favourite motorcycle travel recipies, meal ideas and tips to be included in the book. 

    Salmon & Potato Hash (Serves 2-4)

    Boil potatoes in a pot of water until tender with a fork. Transfer the strained potatoes to a sauté pan on high heat with olive oil. Turn potatoes occasionally until evenly brown.

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    Field Frittata (Serves 2-4)

    A tasty and easy frittata recipe.

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    Adventure Kitchen Tip #1

    Use a full size sauté pan with handle removed. Your cooking options become greater. Tip by Greg Hilchey (PSSOR Instructor).

    Adventure Cooking Tips 

    Adventure Kitchen Tip #2

    A bead storage container is a great way to pack spices. Tip by Greg Hilchey (PSSOR Instructor).

    Adventure Cooking Tips

    Adventure Kitchen Tip #3

    When stopping at a restaurant to eat, ask the staff if they will ‘top off’ your spice and oil containers. Usually if they hear about your adventurous travels to far off lands, they will be more than willing to help. You can also collect tin foil, sugar packets, non-dairy creamer, lemon / lime slices, and other condiments.  Tip by Greg Hilchey (PSSOR Instructor).

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