AZBDR Re-Route in Section 1

Jan 12th, 2015

The temporary closure in Sec 1 of the AZBDR near the Empire Ranch has been re-routed.  You may now download the NEW gps tracks which will have the new route included.  This new section is right after you travel through the sand section that is mentioned on the Butler Map in Sec 1. 

The NEW route turns to the right at the end of the sand wash. There you will go up the hill.  Take a left at E. Hilton Ranch Rd which should be your next left at the intersection.  Follow that road up through the mountains and into another wash until you come out onto Red Cloud Mine Rd, which is the old route.  Take a right here to continue on your track to the north. This new bypass is 1.1 miles until you connect again with existing gps track.

Thank you to BDR volunteer Randy Cochran for scouting out the new route and to Mr. Hillman for his patience while we worked on the the re-route. 


(Right turn out of the wash)
(The hill after the wash)
(Left turn towards the new route)
(Gate, no signs posted)

(Road out of the wash past Hilton Mine)
(New route and alternative route intersection)

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