BDR Death Valley Fundraiser - Ride and Annual Report 2016

Jun 30th, 2016

Over 60 adventure riders gathered at the Furnace Creek Ranch in the remote Death Valley, CA at the end of April for the third annual BDR Desert Ride Fundraiser. 

BDR death valley fundraiser-1

Photo: Matt Delcomyn

The event featured daily rides in the spectacular desert scenery, evening discussions about the challenges and opportunities facing the BDR organization, and the presentation of plans for the development of future BDR routes. 



BDR death valley fundraiser-2

BDR in Death Valley

Photos: Paul Guillien

BDR death valley fundraiser-3

BDR death valley fundraiser-4

Death Valley

Death Valley Artist Point

BDR death valley fundraiser-5

Photos: Matt Delcomyn

Over the nightly dinners and drinks in the fireside lounge, the BDR team reported on the state of the organization and discussed plans for its future.  Comments, questions and the roundtable discussions with the BDR community generated a lot of great ideas that will chart the course for the BDR organization in the upcoming year.


Below are some of the highlights from the weekend’s discussions.


A Challenge Grant


Help BDR Raise $30,000 by the End of July!

In a surprising turn of events during the weekend, three BDR supporters raised their hands, and offered a combined $15,000 matching grant as an incentive to the community to raise funds for future BDR routes. 


100% of the funds will go directly towards development of the upcoming Nevada, East Coast and California routes.


==>> DONATE NOW and your donation will be doubled.

Your donation of $100 will become $200 to the BDR. 

A $500 donation becomes $1,000 with this match. 

It’s a great way to make a significant impact by taking advantage of this match offer! 



One of the donors, Glenn Johnson, urged the BDR team to “do fundraising at the Fundraiser,” explaining his motivation this way: “Since I anticipate being unable to ride off-road sometime in the next 10 years, I want to get as many different off-road adventures as possible taken care of.  BDR helps me do that.  To that end, I want to support the development of future BDR routes in any ways I can, and challenge the rest of the community to do so as well.”


Special thanks to BDR Honorary Benefactors Glenn Johnson, Kent Clausen and Tim Smith who have offered to match up to $15,000 in contributions made by individuals during the month of July. 


BDR Routes in Development

The BDR team reported on the plans for the upcoming BDR routes.  Currently three routes are in development. 



The NVBDR scouting is in its final stages, reported Curtis Cummings, NVBDR Boss and Nevada local.  We have an incredible route in the works, showcasing rural Nevada communities like Primm, Pahrump, Beaty, Tonopah, Austin, and others.  The planned route is approximately 1,200 miles.  It starts in Oatman, AZ, and ends in Jarbidge, NV.  The NVBDR will be released beginning of 2017.   


NVBDR Coming Soon


East Coast BDRs

We have started scouting on the East Coast.  The route planning is led by the BDR Ambassador Kevin Woody.  Kevin is planning and scouting the East Coast routes with the help of local ADV riders and groups.


The East coast presents some new challenges, specifically with public land and backcountry trails being less accessible compared to Western states.  We are confident we will be able to create three great connective routes on the East Coast.  The first, middle, route being completed covers Southwest and West Virginia to the Pennsylvania/New York border.  Its scheduled for release beginning of 2018.  The second route will run from New York to the Maine/Canada border; and the third route, from Florida to Southwest/West Virginia.


East Coast BDR

Photo: Kevin Woody


The long awaited California BDR is also in the works, with three different routes being planned in the Golden State.  The first CA route will be a desert route covering the East side of the state, and will be ridable during the winter months. Thanks to local riders and BDR volunteers Dan Schoo of BMW Motorcycles of Riverside, Ron West, Rob Kirby, and Mark McClellan for spearheading the CA BDR project!



Photo: Rob Kirby

The State of the BDR

The BDR organization is presently financially stable.  However, we're fundraising year round in order to be able to continue to create new routes and provide travel resources for the adventure community.  The costs of producing a BDR route and managing the supporting trip planning and online resources, is estimated at $50,000 per route. 

BDR in Death Valley 

The organization could not survive or do its work without the continued commitment from BDR corporate sponsors, donations from BDR Annual Members, and the support of a dedicated group of BDR Ambassadors and volunteers, who contribute countless hours of service and personal resources to scout and plan the routes.

 BDR in Death Valley


The Economic Impact of the BDRs

Over the years BDR projects have proven to bring significant motorcycle tourism dollars to small towns and communities along the routes. Based on reports from local businesses, we’ve estimated that each BDR sees between 1,000 to 2,000 riders every year. Past projects have brought over $1.2 million in new tourism dollars in the first year, boosting revenues for hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and powersports dealers selling motorcycles, accessories, service, supplies, and apparel. Past projects have also spawned a number of motorcycle rental and outfitter businesses.


BDR riders in a bar

Photo: Matt Delcomyn


In the next year, we will make a concerted effort to reach out to and promote small businesses along the BDR routes. These businesses sometimes are the only source of fuel, food and lodging for BDR riders; and in turn, BDR riders help these businesses keep their doors open.


As Mike Curtis, a long-time BDR supporter and Benefactor put it, "Its the local communities that are thriving off the BDRs, who will become BDR's most reliable advocates for dealing with the forest service on a local level and keeping the trails open for the adventure motorcycling community."

==>>ACT NOW: Help local businesses along the BDRs!

If you had a great experience at a local business during your BDR trip, be it a meal at a restaurant, a stay at a motel, or a stop at a gas station, email us to have the business included for free in the BDR Route Business Listings on the website. We will send these businesses a BDR window sticker so other riders can give them business too.

BDR Business Support Sticker

Improving BDR Resources: Website, Business Listings, BDR Forum, Member Tool Kit

You will notice minor makeover changes on the BDR website in the next year.  In addition to some design changes, we are working on improving the business listings for each route, and adding a BDR Forum/Message Board.  The BDR Forum will be a place for riders to connect with each other for BDR rides and events.  Riders will also be able to post photos and ride reports, give route updates, and post questions.


We will be providing BDR Members and Ambassadors with more tools to help them promote the BDR mission and resources to other riders and businesses. The BDR Tool Kit will be included in the annual member packages and can be requested from BDR for free by anyone.



We Want to Hear from You!

More exciting partnerships and opportunities are available with BDR.  To get involved with the organization, share your ideas and suggestions for improvement, ask questions, or for more information, please email us.



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