ExOfficio Renews Its Support of BDR, Outfits the NMBDR Expedition Team

Nov 17th, 2015

Photos by Jon Beck


The travel apparel brand ExOfficio has renewed its support of the BDR organization for the second year in a row as the official apparel sponsor of the New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Route.

ExOfficio on the NMBDR

ExOfficio outfitted the NMBDR expedition team for the upcoming NMBDR documentry.  Here's what the BDR crew reported about their favourite ExOfficio pieces:

ExOfficio on the NMBDR

"The ExOfficio Give-n-Go boxer briefs are the best investment in clothing I have made in years. They support very well and keep down the heat because of the breathing material they are made of.  No crazy bulky seams to rub you raw.  During the full two rides I only wore the underwear under my riding pants. Never any issues of stretching or material failure.  By far the best pair of underwear I have ever worn."       --- Kevin Woody, NMBDR Expedition Member and BDR Ambassador 
ExOfficio on NMBDR

 ExOfficio on the NMBDR

"'Functional' clothing with an acute sense of style is a rare thing. Several of the ExOfficio pieces have become my “go to” items for daily use - down to the socks. While one might not consider the look of socks as overly crucial, it’s nice to sport something unique when walking around shoeless on an airplane. The underwear has a cool look as well, I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide when that becomes important.

ExOfficio on the NMBDR

My favourite pieces?  Virtually every “adventure” photography job I do makes use of the BugsAway Adventure Hat and Storm Logic jacket.  The BugsAway Adventure Hat folds perfectly into most any camera bag (big plus for me), and effectively keeps bugs away from my face while I’m shooting.  The Storm Logic jacket’s ability to convert into an airplane pillow is a huge plus when flying between different climates, or even camping at different altitudes.  The Amphi Pants seem at home in a campsite or office building.  Most often put into daily use are the Trip’r and Air Strip shirts, Amphi pants, Give-n-Go briefs, and BugsAway Hiker Crew Socks. Extremely comfortable with a look that fits a variety of contexts."         --- Jon Beck, ADV Photographer, Journalist, Actor

ExOfficio on the NMBDR

"My favorite piece was the Women's Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Bikini Briefs.  I give the briefs 5 stars!  They are truly cool, fresh and comfortable.  I love the stretch to fit, active, ultralight mesh, and smooth fabric waistband.

I also liked the Women's Sol Cool Long Sleeve Shirt.  When you are out in the sunny elements of 80+ degree temperatures all day long, it's nice to know that you are being protected with Icefil® treated fabric. The shirt feels nice and cool against the body.  I liked knowing that it has the highest sun protection rating for a garment, with UPF 50+.        --- Shalmarie Wilson, BDR Ambassador.  (Shal is holding the record for the most consecutive BDR's ridden - 5 in one season!)

ExOfficio on the NMBDR


THE VERDICT: If you're looking to update your adventure travel wardrobe with lightweight, quick-drying performance clothing for your time off the bike, ExOfficio clothing and underwear should be at the top of your shopping list.


A panel of travel experts recently selected ExOfficio Give-N-Go® Underwear as one of 20 finalists in USA Today’s 10 Best Readers’ Choice “Best Gift for Adventurers” travel award. The Top 10 products will be awarded by popular vote.  If you had exceptional experience with ExOfficio underwear, vote now through the end of the voting period, 11/23 at noon eastern time.



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