Finding the Lost City

Feb 25th, 2017

BDR riders are adventurous by nature. They are curious and accept that searching for remote places involves inherent risk. It might be this high degree of exposure while riding fast, powerful, intimidating machines that draws us in and creates that addiction.

Bryce Stevens

Many riders have other similar fear-factor passions that could be mountain biking, car racing, sailing, backcountry skiing, or mountaineering.


For Bryce Stevens, BDR Co-founder, one of his top passions is canyoneering. He has spent many weeks exploring remote canyons in the Four Corners Region. One of these trips was described in a recent article entitled Finding the Lost City of the Lukachukai.

Bryce Stevens - lost city

We have read it and enjoyed the humor and candor that the author captures. We wanted to share it with all BDR riders as inspiration for their future discoveries.


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