Heavy Summer Rains Affect the BDRs

Sep 22nd, 2015

Due to record rains in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah this summer, many of the roads have been washed out or significantly changed from their normal conditions.  Please be aware that roads which were considered easy may have changed into roads that are difficult and even impassable.  We will try to update you on sections as we hear of them.

LaSal Pass (North Side) has become extremely difficult and rocky due to recent rains.  It is to be considered an EXPERT only section at this time until repairs are made.  Please use the alternate winter route which goes around LaSal Pass.

Many other sections in Utah may also experienced flooding and caution should be used  when riding this route. Please travel at your own discretion when following a BDR route.

Also, if you have any information or knowledge of any other roads that have heavy damage from the recent storms, please contact us so we can pass on the information.

Latest Update from the UTBDR:

Sept, 22, 2015 - In Section 4 Wellington to Currant Creek Hwy 40 on the UTBDR, there are two sections that received heavy damage due to recent rain. The Argyle Canyon Rd: multiple sections of the road are in dire need of repair but rideable.  Approach all blind corners with caution.  There are multiple dropoffs to stream beds on the downhill side of the road.  

One section of the road (approx. 150 yards long) that is entirely wiped out, but rideable on the bike.  Use discretion while crossing the stream bed (see picture looking east).

The second road damage is on the FR168 (Water Hollow Rd) that links FR148 to FR149.  The upper half of this road has significant water damage.  Large washout drainages. Be very careful descending this road; especially when it is wet. 

La Sal Mountains Utah BDR

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