Help Fend Off the Public Closure of the Eastern Section of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail

Nov 11th, 2015

We are aksing for your help to fend off the public closure of the Eastern Section of the John Wayne Pioneer (a.k.a. Iron Horse Trail) Trail in Washington!

The Washington State Parks is considering returning this section east of the Columbia River to the adjacent land owners. Meetings to determine the future of the trail are held in the next two weeks.  

Visit these links for more information about the issue:

Advocate to keep the trail open by contacting the State Parks and asking them to keep ownership of the trail. If they were to open this section up to two-wheeled motorcycle use, it could be used to connect Eastern Washington to the WABDR! 

Email to share a message similar to this one:

"We would like to see the eastern section of the John Wayne Trail kept open and NOT transferred back to adjacent land owners. Would the state consider opening this trail up to street-legal two-wheeled vehicles (a.k.a. enduro and adventure motorcycles) and snowmobiles?  If bikes rode this trail regularly it would keep the weeds and grass down thus minimizing trail maintenance. It would be a shame to see this public treasure lost just because of trail use restrictions. Trails like this (and routes like the WABDR) when opened up to motorized-use bring in visitors from outside our state. It's an adventure tourist's dream to ride through land like the rolling hills of eastern WA."

Thank you for doing your part to keep trails and roads open for all adventure seekers!


John Wayne Pioneer trail 

John Wayne trail

John Wayne Pioneer Trail


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