IDBDR Update- August 3, 2017 (Detour Available)

Aug 3rd, 2017

A BDR rider sent us this helpful update about the IDBDR.  Please read through, and plan your IDBDR trip accordingly. 

Section 2

The route south of Lohman from Pine to Yellow Pine has a road closure from where the 385 road veers off left from the 312 road. There is a huge washout that is not passible. 

Download the GPX tracks for the detour. (Thanks to Kameran Ahari for sending us the tracks).


The stream crossing later in the route was almost thigh high on 7/25. This is definitely an issue for larger bikes.

The forest service or someone else has dumped straw all over the road in multiple locations. Some was quite deep and made traction a hazard with steep drop offs on one side.

Section 8

The road closure listed on Section 8 outside of Clark fork is still valid for 2017. There are multiple washouts. The last one had us bridge building with other riders for a few hours and finally rigging a rope system to winch the bikes. It was an adventure though!"

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