NVBDR: Current Route Conditions Update

Jun 19th, 2017

If you're planning to ride the NVBDR, please note this update on the changes in the route conditions.  

1. The sandy area just past Christmas Tree Pass along the powerline road is extremely soft and deep. Experienced riders have been reporting this section as being very difficult. The alternate for less than advanced riders it to continue west on the Christmas Tree Pass road to the highway to Searchlight.

2. The area from Nipton, along the railroad tracks, is also very soft. A good alternate is to ride the railroad grade next to the tracks if riders find that section too difficult.

3. Note, the Mint 400 issue reported in March was only for a weekend. The notice regarding the Mint 400 is no longer valid.

4. The area from Primm to Goodsprings has experienced heavy flooding and has turned into a rock-garden. In the fall, a group of  local riders will perform some trail maintenance to help make the section more reasonable for intermediate riders. Intermediate level riders have been complaining about its difficulty.

5. The section to the south of Beatty along Trianchula Gulch was hit with very heavy flooding and has become extremely soft and deep at the mouth of the canyon. This has become an advanced section until rain and cooler temperatures compact the area. The alternate is to stay on the highway from Big Dune into Beatty.

6. In geneal, please note, that the soil north of Elko on the way to Jarbidge is impassable during heavy rains. Heavy rains the week of June 12 made traveling off-road north of Elko impossible. A group of very experienced riders reported the area north of Elko was not ridable last week due to wet and muddy conditions. These riders are expert level and reside in Elko, so their comments carry a lot of weight.


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