Traffic Cams on the UTBDR

Mar 29th, 2016

A BDR community member has shared these links from traffic cams in Utah that let you see snow levels along the route.  Thanks to David Hague for the information.

Section 1
Higher peaks may be capped, little concern for snow.

Section 2
Concerns for snow on La Sal peak, no cameras to view.

Section 3
Lower elevations, no concern for snow.

Section 4
Camera 1 (9000') and Camera 2 (8500') about a mile apart near intersection of Reservation Ridge Rd./HWY 191 waypoint.

Section 5

Camera at 6500' near UT/WY border along Hwy 16.

Camera at 8300' on Hwy 150 (winter closure-open May) five miles away from intersection of Whitney Road/FR032 and HWY 150.

Camera at 10,700' pass on HWY150 called Bald Mountain pass.

ALTERNATE ROUTE ALERT: Great primitive camping along alternate routes on map near high altitude lakes. Camera at 9500' at Wolf Creek Pass, a waypoint on Alternate Route at

Camera at 7200' about 3 miles from a waypoint at Hwy 35/FR037.

Camera near Section 4/Section 5 waypoint.

Section 6

Camera at 5400'.

Camera at 7800'.  End of dirt, almost done.

Camera at the end of the the trip, welcome to Utah!


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