WABDR: Section 4 - Road 233 Tough Conditions

Jun 26th, 2016

(July 1, 2016)  We received a report that Road 233 ("the Jungle") in Section 4 of WABDR is in bad condition, but passible. Looks like a lot of blowdown and vegetation, as well as fire damage.  

Every year the first riders through this section encounter challenges, as this road gets no maintenance from the Forest Service.  Early season riders are advised to carry tools, such as a small cordless chainsaw, for clearing the trail.

We are hoping the community will do some more work to make it more ridiable again.

The bypass is easy on Forest Road 8410 (the main route down the mountain to Lake Chelan). 


Hugh Mitchell wrote: " Some ruts but no complete washouts. Mainly trees down. Large ones you could go under.  Some had detours bushwhacking around them. The Jungle was a corduroy of branches in spots that were bowed over the road and had to be compressed as you rode over them. It’s passable, but not relaxing. Some of the steep sections had a lot of babyhead rocks on them. Still obvious slide potential.  Two of us were on big bore ADV bikes and made it."









Photos: Hugh Mitchell


Hugh Mitchell also shared an interesting historical fact about WABDR:

"When I found the geocache near the end of WABDR Section 6 last year, I was appalled by its condition. It was cracked and the original Sharpee inscriptions were faded with writing barely visible. The original log book had been stolen by someone. This is historic, damn it. The first one BDR!

So, I thought that I would do my part to maintain a part of the BDR that I have enjoyed, and built a replica replacement. I put in a new log book and some laminated placards of the original lid inscription (which I did a less-than-perfect recreation of) and the first page of the log book (again taken from DVD stills). 

Just doing my part! Appreciate the whole BDR enterprise and hard work from everyone involved." 

Thanks, Hugh, for the info and for doing your part! :)

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