Paul Guillien / Board President

Paul’s first time camping off a motorcycle was in 2009 while riding the Oregon Back Country Discovery Route with Tom Myers, Helge Pedersen and Sterling Noren.  Paul fell in love with riding motorcycles in the backcountry, sharing his experience in a story for Road Runner Magazine that featured Helge’s photos. Sterling created a video about the adventure that went on Touratech-USA’s YouTube channel in August 2009.  The next year Paul and Tom had lunch with Bryce Stevens and Andrew Cull who had taken inspiration from this YouTube video and wanted to create a Washington route. That year, the Washington BDR was created with a full-length documentary, a Butler Map and eventually a website. 

Paul lead an effort to create the Backcountry Discovery Route non-profit organization with a firm belief that this concept should be “by the community, for the community.” He is one of the founding board members and currently serves as the President of the 501c(4). Paul is humbled by the efforts of the board members, ambassadors, contributors, volunteers, members, donors and industry supporters who have made the BDR reach its potential over the last several years. When not on a motorcycle, Paul is always looking for an excuse to get outside with his family on skis, bicycles, paddle boards or sailboats.

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