Tom Myers / Founding Member

Tom Myers grew up on motorcycles, was a regular fast guy on the local Enduro circuit. When he wasn’t on single track, he was doing multi-day dual-sport trips in the mountains.  One such trip was on the Oregon Back Country Discovery Route with Zander Nosler in 1999. Tom was the first guy to put an Oregon BDR trip report story on the internet and saw it become the go-to source for information on this mysterious Oregon route. 

Fast-forward 10 years and Tom was getting out his checkbook to bankroll the creation of the Washington BDR, it’s documentary film, and the fledgling BDR organization for the first few years.  Tom has been a part of several of the filming trips, but has given up his spot in recent years to make room for the new folks who are doing much of the heavy lifting for the BDR. Tom is a founding board member and enjoys seeing the BDR story continue to evolve.

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