AZBDR: July 18th Route Update

Jul 18th, 2018

So for the most part, section 1 is unchanged and the route conditions are holding up really nice. The reroute follows the original empire ranch tracks before breaking off just before the quad trail that leads to the first stretch of sand.  This stretch does cross state trust land, it has been recently maintained and is very fun and scenic stretch of trail that loops back to highway 82 about 5 miles from the intersection of highway 90.  On this section there are 10 gates as you pass in and out of state and national forest and ranch land.  This section crosses multiple dry creek beds and will have a couple rocky sections that for the novice rider as long as your with friends you’ll do just fine and for advanced riders just pace yourself and you’ll go right through it.
   Section 2 heading to globe has had a lot of changes.  First off after San Pedro River Rd the trail becomes partially paved to mammoth, all the sand washes are natural but when you come out of them its paved.  Leaving mammoth the trail to dudleyville there has been a lot of erosion, be careful of areas that have had washouts and people have been throwing debris to fill some in so just check it out first.  Once you leave the quad trail on Camino Rio the road is now paved until you make the right on Piper Spring road and cross the wash to highway 77.  Heading off dripping springs north up to pioneer pass the trail has become more rocky with some wash outs, in one corner leaving you with just one line.  after the trail mellows out leaving you with some line choices.  Advanced skills are required.  Novices can ride this section but should be with a group incase assistance is needed. Droping into the ranch in this section is easy, ranch hasn’t seen people in a while and the section heading up to Pioneer Pass that had rain ruts and was the original concern has been rebuilt and is a breeze for any skill level.
   Section 3 from last years reroute has been burnt in really nice and shouldn’t pose much difficulty to riders, it is rocky in the beginning but fades out once you reach the summit.  There is talk about FS 203 having maintenance work but no such official word has been seen.
Section 4 hasn’t changed at all.  the 10 mile rock garden that passes long lake has become easier, the are some new burnt in trails to bypass the tighter rock corners that posed a wheel problem .