Backcountry Expeditions UTBDR Packages for September & October 2019

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Backcountry Expeditions is offering two opportunities to ride the Utah BDR route in September & October 2019.

Adventure Package 21-28 September 2019

Executive Package 28 September – 5 October 2019

We’re offering a limited number of places on both our premium ADVENTURE and EXECUTIVE packages that will follow this epic route for 7 days along the best backcountry roads and trails to be found in Utah.

These expeditions will cover more than 900 miles of epic backcountry roads across Utah, between the iconic landscapes of Monument Valley and Valley of the Gods, through countless canyons and finish at Bear Lake on the northern state line with Idaho.

Skills Package 17-21 September 2019

Not ready for a full expedition just yet?…sign up for our Skills Package 17-21 September in Moab!

This 4-day course uses routes and facilities local to Moab to increase your Adventure riding skills and prepare you for future expeditions. Many of the roads and trails used comprise sections of the UTBDR route, allowing you test and gauge your readiness to tackle a full ride!

UTBDR - Valley of the Gods

One of the things our Clients say makes us so different is that we provide in-ride mentoring meaning your riding skills will develop throughout the week: mastering sand, gravel, water, and overcoming mechanical issues all while experiencing the wilderness and wildlife.

All of this increases their adventure riding prowess and opens up future opportunities for adventures to landscapes yet undiscovered!

UTBDR - towards the La Sal Mountains

Our ADVENTURE package allows for a balanced mix of backcountry camping, with occasional respite offered in unique hotel accommodations. While our EXECUTIVE package is designed for comfort and respite in hotel accommodation at the end of each day’s ride.

Our SKILLS package will cover everything you need to learn and experience to build your confidence across the many facets of Adventure motorcycling, from riding techniques and trailside maintenance to backcountry camping, safety and survival.

We cater for your every need with our fully-inclusive packages; allowing you to arrive, ride, enjoy and complete an epic adventure 100% hassle free.

UTBDR - Argyle Canyon

Another important difference our clients enjoy is that all of our expeditions are backed by a support team that shadows the route, ensuring every rider will complete the ride regardless of any maintenance issue that might otherwise impact successful route completion.

Click to arrange to speak to us and uncover what an expedition with us might look like for you:

This experience of a lifetime includes:

  • 7 day expedition & Utah BDR® completion (4 day Skills Package in Moab)
  • Motorcycle rental including insurance
  • Luggage, GPS & route map
  • Personal Locator Device (SPOT Beacon)
  • Fuel
  • Hydration system
  • Support crew including replacement motorcycle
  • Airport transfer
  • All meals and trail rations
  • Expert instruction
  • Hotel accommodation as per expedition itinerary
  • Tent and sleeping pad (Adventure Package only)
  • Camping stove and cooking equipment (Adventure Package only)
  • Backcountry Expeditions t-shirt & mug