IDBDR: Barber Flat Bridge Open to Full-Size Vehicles

Nov 17th, 2017

The Barber Flat bridge on the IDBDR that has only allowed 50” or smaller vehicles to travel across, will now allow full sized vehicles.

Boise, Idaho, November 17, 2017—The Barber Flat Bridge located on the Idaho City Ranger District,

National Forest System (NFS) Road 327 is now open to full size vehicles but will have load restrictions.

Recent improvements to the bridge have mitigated concerns, allowing the Forest to open the bridge to full-size vehicles. Load restrictions are posted and may impact heavy loads including logging and gravel transporting vehicles. Brett Barry, Boise National Forest civil engineer said “The structural improvements completed and future instream structure work will ensure the bridge functions for years to come.”

The Barber Flat bridge improvements have been classified into two phases. Phase one, which concluded this fall included new hardware, abutment improvements and additional monitoring. Phase two will begin during the fall of 2018, projected treatments include adding instream structures that divert channel flows which prevent future damage to abutments.

Recreationists are urged to use caution when traveling on NFS Road 376 from Alexander Flats to NFS Road 327. The road is a single lane road with turnouts that is maintained for high clearance vehicles. Winter weather may further impact road conditions in this area.