MABDR: Section 8 update July 30th

Jul 20th, 2018

gate closure

Many of you have seen photos of road closure near Waterville, PA in section 8 of the MABDR. Schoolhouse Road at Little Pine Creek Road was closed until further notice. The gate was closed and locked however many riders have been ignoring this and going around it to stay on route. The road is now open to travel again.

During the closure there was a motorcycle accident on it that required Forest Services to bring in heavy equipment to pull the bike up from a 80ft ravine. The motorcyclist and his party of 6 were not injured.

It is extremely important that riders who are traveling the BDR routes must obey road closures when in place.  They are usually closed for a reason of safety to the public and in this case this was true.  We work hard to maintain a good relationship with the US Forest Service, BLM and other goverment agencies to keep routes open to adventure riders.  So we ask you to please do not go around closed gates.

We want to thank Ranger Stacy Duffield from PA Forest Services for helping sort out this issue and re-opening School House Road.

We want to remind everyone to OBEY THE LAWS and signs posted on the route.  Its always possible to find a workaround and join back with a route at a later point. In fact, that’s part of the BDR advenutre.  Every one of us is an ambassador for the sport, and we need to respect local communities we ride through, and obey the road signs.