NMBDR: Section 7 Update 6/10/19

We’ve had riders report to us there are a few issues with Section 7 of the NMBDR.

NF 91 is badly damaged

  • NF 91 is badly damaged with washouts – many deep ruts and muddy sections – very challenging up to Tusas Mtn.
  • You can try CR 448 to connect back with the route.
  • We don’t have any reports on this road since it’s not part of the route, but it is a more maintained road so should be good.
  • You can still take the main route on NF 91, but it will be a challenge.

Rutted NF91
Rutted NF91

Los Pinos River flooding

  •  The snow melt has started and the Los Pinos River is out of it’s banks along the route, NF 284 (CR443).
  • There are areas that can be dangerous to travel through and should be avoided until the flood waters recede.
  • You can turn right at the bridge and take CR443 out to Antonito and bypass the flooding.
Los Pinos River
Los Pinos River
Exit to avoid flood
Exit to avoid Flood