ROUTE ALERT – Picacho State Rec Area, California side of Colorado River

Feb 16, 2019

Picacho and rider

CLARIFICATION & CORRECTION: If you’re just passing through Picacho State Park (not camping): From Picacho Rd.(505 BLM) at the Stop Sign, located at State Park Entrance Self-Pay Station. Please stop & pay entrance fee. Look ahead for brown sign, “Campground, Taylor Lake 1.2 mi., 4S Ranch 8.5 mi., Ogilby Rd. 27 mi.”, turn left. It’s appx. 9 more miles to State Park Boundary/Indian Pass Rd.(Do not use the cemetery road uphill.It’s signed “authorized vehicles only” & a steep dead-end below water tower.)
If you decide to camp overnight in the 54-site Main Campground, go straight at the entrance Stop Sign, towards Park Office & Campground, pick a campsite & self-register at pay station. Limit 3 bikes per campsite. SPEED LIMIT 15 MPH. Please watch for pedestrians & bicycles. Remember no off-road travel is allowed on state property. This includes riding through picnic areas, unused campsites, and washes.

Have a great ride & visit to peaceful Picacho State Recreation Area. For additional info, call Park Office 760-996-2963.

Picacho landscape