WABDR: Washout in Section 3

Aug 8th, 2018

We’ve received information that there is a triple washout on Liberty Beehive Road at N47 17.762 W120 26.907. It can be done on little bikes but it is almost impassable on the big bikes for all but the most experienced riders.

Report from a rider (note, photos look less severe than the actual washout really is):

“The first washout is at the top of a somewhat steep dirt hill with double ruts. The washout is pretty small and between the peaks in the pic. Probably 15 feet across with a slope from R to L and some rocks. If it was just that we would have tried it.

The next two are much larger, pretty steep drops in and out and again sloped sideways.

After watching some little bikes not make it up the far slope or jump it we elected to turn our big bikes back. Did not want to end up falling (which would have likely included rolling down the slope). No good way around.”