Owl Fire closes portion of NMBDR

Jul 13th, 2018

Owl Fire

There is an area closure as follows: Starting at the junction of Forest Road 209 and US Highway 180 following US Highway 180 South to County Road 13. Heading west to Forest Road 209. North along Forest Road 209 to Forest Road 4. West along Forest Road 4 to Forest Road 4E. North along Forest Road 4E to Forest Trail 126 Frieborn Canyon. North along Forest Trail 126 to north side of section 5 Township 7S 21W. Following the north end of Section five and section 6 to Forest Road 900B. East along Forest Road 900B to Forest Road 900. Continuing east along Forest Road 900 to Forest Road 209. North along Forest Road 209 back to US Highway 180.

US Highway 180 and County Road 13 to Pueblo Park Campground will remain accessible to the public.

All roads and trail interior to this boundary description are closed.

Owl Closure