Page 10 - BDR Economic Impact Study 2023
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 RESPECT FOR THE LAND, SUPPORT FOR THE LOCAL ECONOMY On a BDR, riders have the opportunity to explore rural America and the remote dirt roads and tiny towns that most people will never see. BDR identifies and maps out thousands of miles of verified terrain, while placing no burden on state tourism or local land managers — only economic benefits and respect for the land. A new route in your area could mean increased patronage of local businesses and a boost in tourism, all while supporting a growing community of riders who appreciate and want to help preserve your public lands. Adventuring in the backcountry is a privilege. Land managers across their routes recognize this form of managed travel and see value in the roads that are being utilized for recreation. As such, BDR funds the creation of Public Safety Announcement (PSA) campaigns to educate adventure motorcyclists about safe travel in the backcountry and responsible use of public lands. The BDR organization is also instrumental in communicating important messages to BDR riders regarding road closures, forest fires and weather events. 10 

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