Page 9 - BDR Economic Impact Study 2023
P. 9

 ANNUAL MOTORCYCLE-RELATED EXPENDITURES BY CATEGORY BDR riders are not just buying motorcycles, they are spending serious dollars on ancillary products and services to prepare for a BDR ride.               $3.1 million PARTS, ACCESSORIES & TIRES $1.9 million APPAREL & RIDING GEAR $576,000 SERVICE $389,900 MOTORCYCLE TRAINING       PREPARING FOR A BDR RIDE PREPARING THEIR BIKES: of riders    As experienced adventure motorcyclists, BDR participants know the importance of preparation to ensure a successful, enjoyable and safe ride. 47% spent up to $2,500 on parts, accessories, tires, etc. to ensure their bikes are BDR-ready PREPARING THEMSELVES: Riders spent on average     $850 on apparel, riding gear and training 9 

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