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CONNECTING BRANDS WITH THEIR CORE AUDIENCE BDR has proven to be a trusted brand with riders, but it relies on support from companies that care about the adventure motorcycling segment. More than 50 ADV brands see value in BDR’s work and support the cause through sponsorships, donations, advertising and by participating in the annual Supporter Program. Over 75,000 fans enjoy ADV lifestyle content by following BDR via email newsletter, social media, YouTube and more. Ensure that your brand is at the forefront of the adventure and dual-sport motorcycle community — gaining loyal new customers and accelerating your revenue. BDR is sponsored by over 50 motorcycle industry brands.   BDR RIDERS & ANNUAL MOTORCYCLE SALES Adventure motorcycle sales continue to grow year over year and represent the fastest growing segment in motorcycle tourism. Dual-sport and adventure bikes account for 27 percent of all street-legal U.S. motorcycle sales in 2022 according to the MIC Research & Statistics Department. 66% of riders surveyed purchased a motorcycle with plans to ride a BDR         BDR riders generated $9.6 million in motorcycle sales in 2022        8 

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