Page 7 - BDR Economic Impact Study 2023
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BDR RIDERS ARE NOT JUST SPENDING MONEY THEY ARE SUPPORTING LOCAL WORKFORCE. BDR related visitor spending on BDR routes supports a total of nearly 500 jobs annually.    BDR TRAVEL EXPENDITURES PER DAY PER PERSON The average daily expenditure by riders on a BDR is $335. $139.16 Lodging Expenditure       $32.01 $36.40 $67.55 $41.31 $77.08 Food & Drinks at Bars & Restaurants    Non-food supplies Camping & Sundries Fees Food & Drinks from Stores Motorcycle Fuel/Oil  BDR-related spending has a sizable economic effect on states offering BDR routes. The total annual impact from the 12 operational routes (plus projected revenue for the upcoming Northern California route) was $60 million. The need for accommodations alone lends to viable economic development in these rural communities. Seventy-five percent of riders spent three to eight nights on the BDR, with 45 percent utilizing paid lodging. Total economic impact for accommodations across the 12 current routes totaled nearly $13 million in 2022.   TOTAL ANNUAL SPENDING BY BDR RIDERS IN 2022:     Full-Service Restaurants: $17.6M Moto Vehicle, Parts Dealers & Other Retail: $7M Food, Beverage & General Stores: $4.9M Accommodations: $13.7M Gas Stations: $3.6M 7 

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