Backcountry Discovery Routes is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization whose mission is to establish and preserve off-highway routes for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles. Through education, advocacy, and promotion of responsible motorcycle travel, BDR seeks to preserve backcountry motorcycling opportunities for generations to come.

BDR works with the forest service, land managers, and agencies responsible for public land, to keep trails and remote roads open for motorcycling. Through careful investment of funds and resources, BDR is able to map new routes, provide free GPS tracks and advice, create photo and video archives of the routes, and educate the motorcycle community about managed travel on public lands. Backcountry Discovery Routes' goal is to create a new Backcountry Discovery Route each year for the Adventure Community. For each BDR route, a full-length documentary film, a Butler Motorcycle Map, and free GPS tracks are produced. BDR works with motorcycle dealers across the U.S. to organize BDR film premieres and training seminars.

Backcountry Discovery Routes Films – In 2016 the organization launched it’s film company which produces feature-length documentaries, as well as short films for itself and others.  DVDs of these productions that promote exploring the backcountry by motorcycle are distributed through Touratech-USA and Butler Motorcycle Maps.  The DVDs are available for purchase at motorcycle dealerships, online retail outlets and at film premiere events in major cities.  Many of these productions are also available for live streaming on Vimeo.

Our work is primarily focused in the following areas:

CreateDevelop & Preserve Adventure Riding Opportunities. The BDR organization has created eight cross-state routes, comprising thousands of miles of verified and enjoyable terrain for adventure and dual-sport motorcycle riding. Land managers recognize this form of managed travel, and see value in the roads that are being utilized for recreation. This gives them a reason to protect these roads from closure.

Inspire – Motivate People to Discover the Backcountry by Motorcycle. Through the use of engaging photos and story telling through videos and documentaries, the BDR organization has drawn motorcyclists and adventurers to this emerging form of recreation.

Advocate – Be the Voice for Adventure Motorcyclists. BDR is a voice representing the interests of adventure motorcyclists to managers who are stewards of the land and responsible for providing recreational opportunities to the public. The organization is also used by land managers and agencies to communicate important messages to our motorcycle community. The BDR is an effective way to get information to the community about safety issues, road closures and hazards like wild fires, floods, and weather events.

Educate – Promote Safety, Share Knowledge and Inform the Community. Increasing safety through education and boosting awareness for issues critical to having a successful experience in the backcountry. Sharing tips and tricks to make things work smoothly while ‘roughing it’ in the backcountry.

Impact – Make Sustainable Economic Impact in Rural Areas. Each new BDR route brings increased commerce to gas stations, general stores, hotels, and restaurants in small rural communities. It makes a significant positive impact to these fragile economies that often times are suffering from lost mining or forestry industry. Keeping these businesses open is good for the communities, and also preserves access to remote areas by providing the fuel, food and lodging required for adventure motorcyclists to visit. Local businesses along the routes become important advocates for keeping off-road trails open to the public, because their livelihood depends on motorcycle tourists coming through their town.

Current projects include:

Washington Backcountry Discovery Route   //   Utah Backcountry Discovery Route   //    Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route   //   Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route   //   Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route   //   New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Route   //   Nevada Backcountry Discovery Route   //   Mid-Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route

The BDR relies on a team of volunteers and ambassadors who contribute thousands of hours each year to carry out the mission of the BDR. Learn more about the BDR Ambassadors.

The future of the organization depends on donations from motorcyclists who have been inspired by the routes. Please help us keep the BDR movement rolling by becoming a BDR Member or making a donation to BDR.

Join the BDR community!

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BDR could not have accomplished it's goals without support from individuals like you and our corporate sponsors.

If your company is interested in partnering with Backcountry Discovery Routes, please contact us to discuss available sponsorship opportunities.  


Inna Thorn / Director of Operations

Raised in Moscow, Russia, Inna has always been a spirited soul. Wanting the best for her daughter, Inna’s mother diverted her path from the bustling nightlife of Moscow, to attending high school, and ultimately studying fashion and business communications in the USA. Helping others has always been her passion, and she’s dedicated most of her career to the non-profit sector. When it comes to transportation, Inna has always preferred two wheels, spending much of her adult life buzzing around town by scooter.

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Justin W. Coffey & Kyra Sacdalan / Social Media Support

Justin Coffey & Kyra Sacdalan of WESTx1000 help manage the social media accounts for the BDR. As freelance photojournalists and co-creators of WESTx1000, Justin and Kyra run their multimedia company creating unique content for the motorcycle, travel and outdoor communities.

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Paul Guillien / Board President

Paul’s first time camping off a motorcycle was in 2009 while riding the Oregon Back Country Discovery Route with Tom Myers, Helge Pedersen and Sterling Noren. Paul fell in love with riding motorcycles in the backcountry, sharing his experience in a story for Road Runner Magazine that featured Helge’s photos. Sterling created a video about the adventure that went on Touratech-USA’s YouTube channel in August 2009.

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Rob Watt / Director of Route Development

A native of Colorado, Rob spent much of his carreer building a chain of hardware stores and starting an award winning film and video production company. As his 3 children grew up, he got them all riding motorcycles together. His passion for motorcycles lead him to fight for motorcycle access on public lands as a volunteer with the Trails Preservation Aliance and the Backcountry Discovery Routes.

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Kevin Woody / Director of Logistics

A native of the State of Washington, living in the Puget Sound area since 1980, Kevin founded and continues to manage a marine related business with operations in Lynnwood, WA and Frejus, France. He started his motorcycle riding adventures at the age of 10 and has ridden ever since. His current stable consists of five bikes, 3 BMW F800’s, 1 BMW R1200GSA and a Ducati GT1000. Kevin was first introduced to the BDR and world of adventure riding in 2011 when he attend the IMS show in Long Beach CA.

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Tim James / Creative Director

Tim’s career in marketing communications started at a Madison Avenue advertising agency as an art director in the mid ‘80s. He quickly realized Apple computers were going to change the industry forever and jumped ship — spending all his savings on a couple of Macintosh computers and starting the James Howard Creative Group in 1990. Decades later, the firm is still running strong, fueling small start-ups to multi-national companies with strategic creative services.

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Court Butler / Board Member

Court Butler is a Colorado native, born in the Vail Valley and raised in Eagle-Vail. He went to college at the University of Colorado to pursue acting with a major in Fine Arts and a minor in Business. Growing up with motorcycles, Court quickly found his passion for motorcycle touring and founded a Colorado-based map and media company called Butler Maps in 2008.

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Bryce Stevens / Founding Member

Bryce Stevens co-founded Backcountry Discovery Routes after the successful introduction of the WABDR. He created the route across Washington in 2010 after being inspired by a route created by others for the state of Oregon.

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Tom Myers / Founding Member

Tom Myers grew up on motorcycles, was a regular fast guy on the local Enduro circuit. When he wasn’t on single track, he was doing multi-day dual-sport trips in the mountains. One such trip was on the Oregon Back Country Discovery Route with Zander Nosler in 1999. Tom was the first guy to put an Oregon BDR trip report story on the internet and saw it become the go-to source for information on this mysterious Oregon route.

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Bill Whitacre / Treasurer

Bill Whitacre lives in Idaho which he used to claim had the best off-road riding in the US. What he discovered over the years is that a whole lot of great off-road riding exists all throughout the West. Backcountry Discovery Routes has made a major impact on his exploration of many western states. He recently went back East and completed the Mid-Atlantic Backcountry Discover Route, which he now believes is one of the best in the BDR series!

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Major contributors to the BDR Grants Fund, making future BDR's possible:


  • Tiberio Esparza
  • Matthew Griffin
  • Glenn Johnson
  • Jocelin Snow
  • William Whitacre
  • Kevin Woody
  • Juddy Arnold
  • John Asterita
  • Terrance Bailey
  • Alan Bermensolo
  • Kevin Coleman
  • Tim McWhorter, Marlondo Leather Company
  • Gene Dackonish
  • John Daggett
  • Robert Dombrowe
  • Bill & Susan Dragoo
  • Tim Gettier
  • Bob Wolff and Marlena Govaars
  • Michael and Dawn Hein
  • Rich Holcroft
  • Hugh Huff
  • Frank Leonard
  • Travis Lukens
  • Justin Mackie
  • Kathleen Morel
  • Jill Oliver
  • David Ow
  • Mark Plank
  • Simon Powell
  • Robert Reger
  • Blake Rosser
  • Pamela Santos
  • Cameron Smith
  • Matthew Unruh
  • Darrell Urban
  • Brian Walsh
  • Rob Watt
  • William Wiemann
  • Sean Winters
  • Michael Wofford
  • David Baccus
  • Michael Bateman
  • Michael Benjamin
  • Charles Benson
  • Mark Brannan
  • James Brunner
  • Michael Byrne
  • Anders Carlson
  • Graham Cashwell
  • Mark Chrysler
  • John Ciribassi
  • Chris Clifton
  • Michael Crawford
  • Michael Finkbiner
  • Anthony Fry
  • Ryan Gleim
  • Bob Hammerberg
  • Zachary Harvey
  • Michael Hedrick
  • Dean Hernandez
  • Doug Higgins
  • Thomas Huff
  • Robbie Johnson
  • Mark Jones
  • Shawn Kelley
  • Austin Kilmer-Morris
  • Kenneth Kirsch
  • Brent Lemler
  • Claudio Maier
  • Stanley McPartland
  • Joshua Moninger
  • Todd Morgan
  • John Morrison
  • Timothy Murphy
  • Brian Noel
  • Joseph Opiela
  • Chris Poland
  • Todd Polonsky
  • Rich Preuss
  • Bryan Pullen
  • Chris Reiner
  • Bradley Repp
  • Karl Ridenour
  • Erik Sandhu
  • John Scholl
  • Paolo Scovolo
  • Michelle Smith
  • Steve Smith
  • Clint Stevens
  • Robert Stockton
  • Douglas Stutz
  • Brian Tome
  • Kane Wagner
  • Judd Watkins
  • Ron West
  • Steve Williams

Adventure Motorcycling encompasses more than just riding. It's about passion, adventure, travel, risk-taking, personal triumph, camaraderie, and becoming one with nature and the world. Since 2010, Backcountry Discovery Routes has inspired thousands of people -- seasoned adventure riders and those new to the sport -- to take advantage of the riding opportunities available in the United States.

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