Backcountry Discovery Routes® (BDR®) is a non-profit advocacy organization that creates off-highway routes for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel. We have introduced a new route with free GPS tracks for the community every year since 2010 (with the exception of 2021 due to the global pandemic).

Our work includes rider education, safety campaigns and promoting responsible travel for motorcyclists traveling in the backcountry.

Our volunteer-powered organization works with agencies and land managers to keep trails and remote roads open for motorcycling.

Each route generates new tourism that delivers sustainable economic relief to less-advantaged rural communities. This creates local stakeholders who will help fight to keep access for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles in these incredible backcountry areas.

Backcountry Discovery Routes Films – Since 2010, we’ve been crafting a blend of short films and feature-length documentaries aimed at inspiring, educating, and advocating for safe adventure motorcycle travel in remote landscapes. These captivating productions have found distribution through esteemed partners like BMW Motorrad, Touratech USA, and Zero Motorcycles. Many of our films are readily accessible for live streaming on YouTube/RideBDR.

Our work is primarily focused in the following areas:


Develop & Preserve Adventure Riding Opportunities. The BDR organization has created twelve cross-state routes, comprising thousands of miles of verified and enjoyable terrain for adventure and dual-sport motorcycle riding. Land managers recognize this form of managed travel, and see value in the roads that are being utilized for recreation. This gives them a reason to protect these roads from closure.


Motivate People to Discover the Backcountry by Motorcycle. Through the use of engaging photos and story telling through videos and documentaries, the BDR organization has drawn motorcyclists and adventurers to this emerging form of recreation.


Be the Voice for Adventure Motorcyclists. BDR is a voice representing the interests of adventure motorcyclists to managers who are stewards of the land and responsible for providing recreational opportunities to the public. The organization is also used by land managers and agencies to communicate important messages to our motorcycle community. The BDR is an effective way to get information to the community about safety issues, road closures and hazards like wild fires, floods, and weather events.


Promote Safety, Share Knowledge and Inform the Community. Increasing safety through education and boosting awareness for issues critical to having a successful experience in the backcountry. Sharing tips and tricks to make things work smoothly while ‘roughing it’ in the backcountry.


Make Sustainable Economic Impact in Rural Areas. Each new BDR route brings increased commerce to gas stations, general stores, hotels, and restaurants in small rural communities. It makes a significant positive impact to these fragile economies that often times are suffering from lost mining or forestry industry. Keeping these businesses open is good for the communities, and also preserves access to remote areas by providing the fuel, food and lodging required for adventure motorcyclists to visit. Local businesses along the routes become important advocates for keeping off-road trails open to the public, because their livelihood depends on motorcycle tourists coming through their town.

Current projects include:

Backcountry Discovery Route

North East
Backcountry Discovery Route

California South
Backcountry Discovery Route

Backcountry Discovery Route

Backcountry Discovery Route

New Mexico
Backcountry Discovery Route

Backcountry Discovery Route

Backcountry Discovery Route

Backcountry Discovery Route

Backcountry Discovery Route

Backcountry Discovery Route

The BDR relies on a team of volunteers and ambassadors who contribute thousands of hours each year to carry out the mission of the BDR.

The future of the organization depends on donations from motorcyclists who have been inspired by the routes. Please help us keep the BDR movement rolling.

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BDR could not have accomplished it’s goals without support from individuals like you and our corporate partners.

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