Northern California Backcountry Discovery Route

After years in development and numerous re-routes due to devastating forest fires, the Northern California Backcountry Discovery route is finally nearing completion.

Unlike the Southern California BDR, which is arguably one of the more challenging routes, the NorCal main route was scouted with the first time BDR rider in mind. Our Mid-Atlantic BDR is one of our milder BDR’s, and our most popular. The NorCal BDR is positioned to be the West Coast equivalent in terms of route difficulty. That’s not to say this route is without its challenges. Its advanced sections will deviate from the main route for miles and offer some of the longest, sustained advanced terrain on any BDR.

The dirt to tarmac ratio is about 70/30 but the pavement we found is some of the best peg scraping twisties anywhere, in any state.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, virtually no sand (unless you choose to challenge your skills on the numerous advanced sections).

The NorCal route is one that seasoned BDR riders can invite their “new to BDR” friends or family to; and have a wonderful time on its flowing two track roads and gravel tracks through dense pine forests and burned sections that are eerily majestic. Explore relics of mining towns of the past, delve into California history and geologic wonders and ascend countless peaks to fire lookouts with endless views of the route below.

The route affords the BDR rider the ability to camp at the end of every day or bed down for the night at historic Inns and Hotels — some dating back to the 1880’s, yet still in operation today. The towns are quaint and scenic, tucked away between the folds of the High Sierra.

This is a route to be savored. Many dirt and gravel roads on the route are ones on which to relax, take in the superlative views, chat with friends on your headsets and all the while scratching your helmet in wonderment thinking, “This can’t be California!”

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