Most of us can use help to improve our off-road riding abilities. BDR rides require off-road skills to negotiate challenging terrain. The better your riding technique, the safer your trip will be and the more you will enjoy the experience. We recommend the following rider training schools to help prepare you to RideBDR. We suggest taking a few different trainings as you pick up different things from each school or trainer.

Off-Road Adventure Training with Jocelin Snow

Based out of Central California, Jocelin Snow is a certified BMW International off-road Instructor and has been coaching riders for over 20 years.

WEST38MOTO Training

West38Moto offers dual sport and adventure motorcycle training. Whether you just want to feel more comfortable on your local dirt roads, or you want to tackle expert sections of a BDR and the challenges of Baja, CA.

Austin Moto Adventures

Austin Moto Adventures is an immersive ADV motorcycle training resort experience in Burnet, Texas, for the new or seasoned rider who wants to learn how to push an adventure motorcycle to its limits, or simply learn the basics of off-road riding.


At MotoVenue, located in Chicago, Illinois, riders of all levels discover the ultimate off-road adventure bike rider training experience. With our team of expert instructors and a commitment to excellence, MotoVenue equips enthusiasts with the skills and confidence needed to conquer diverse terrain.

ADV Rider Safety Training

Come learn why our “ V ” of traction methods help our Adventure riding students gain incredible results of control, build the highest of confidence and experience considerably less fatigue while riding on or off-road.

Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Training

Based out of Pahrump, Nevada JLR Off-Road Training has been conducting schools for adventure and dual-purpose riders since 1999.


MOTOVENTURES® Training Center, is a private 350-acre motorcycle training facility located in Anza, California.

DC Dirt Camp

DC Dirt Camp is based in Northern Virginia, and offers off-road training to students of all ages, including kids, adults, men and women. All coaches are MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) certified instructors with

Dragoo Adventure Rider Training

Led by Bill Dragoo, a BMW-certified off-road instructor, the Dragoo Adventure Rider Training school’s mission is to provide quality off-road training at a fair price for all who wish to learn. 


motowayz is an off-road training and adventure company located in the Southeast.

RIDE Adventures

RIDE Adventures has been operating international motorcycle trips since 2010, and now offers Adventure Motorcycle Off Road Training in the U.S.

RawHyde Adventures – Training, Tours & Special Events

With two state-of-the-art ADV training centers in California and Colorado, unique training programs, rallies and special events, RawHyde is the definition of adventure.


Women teaching women! SheADV is based out of Washington and Colorado. Our female professional instructors are MSF certified and trained, as well as D.A.R.T (Dragoo Adventure Rider Training) certified.

Appalachian ADV

Join Appalachian ADV for one and two day Beginner to Intermediate ADV Riding Clinics! These Clinics are intended to familiarize riders of all ages (16+ with motorcycle endorsed license) with the theory, physics, and skills necessary to ride ADV and Dual Sport bikes on gravel and dirt surfaces. 

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