Inna Thorn

Executive Director

Raised in Moscow, Russia, Inna has always been a spirited soul. Wanting the best for her daughter, Inna’s mother diverted her path from the bustling nightlife of Moscow, to studying fashion and business communications in the USA. Helping others has always been her passion, and she’s dedicated most of her career to the non-profit sector. When it comes to transportation, Inna has always preferred two wheels, spending much of her adult life buzzing around town by scooter.

In 2006, she met a guy who dreamed of riding motorcycles from Seattle to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. This quickly became a shared vision which they turned into a reality by riding a pair of KLR 650 motorcycles some 17,000 miles through 13 countries. By the end of the trip they decided to make permanent their adventure together with an engagement to marry.

Once back in Seattle, Inna started a freelance creative agency and began consulting for motorcycle industry clients including Ural Motorcycles and Touratech. As the BDR organization began to outgrow it’s volunteer workforce, Inna was recruited to become the Director of Operations. Since 2012, Inna has taken the operation to new levels with her energy, organization and passion for inspiring others to explore the world on two wheels. When not hard at work, Inna and her husband like to share the wonders of nature with their two young children camping in the mountains.

Robert Trifiro

Project Administrator

Raised in urban Massachusetts, Robert often vacationed as a child in the White Mountains of northern New England.  It was there he discovered his love of getting away from the fast pace of the city, and absorbing all that the quiet and serene landscapes the woods has to offer.  Fast-forward a couple of decades, and he found himself a transplant to the Pacific Northwest, where the rugged beauty of the Cascades dwarfed his childhood experiences and expectations.  It was the music industry that brought him west, but being a creative soul and always looking to be challenged, he quickly found his way into graphic design with a focus on the late-90’s burgeoning e-commerce industry.  

It wasn’t long after arriving in Seattle, WA that he fulfilled a dream he’d had since he was young, and bought his first motorcycle.  In almost 25 years of riding, he’s explored most of the PNW’s greatest roads, and ventured out to a wide ‘collection’ of National Park visits on two wheels, amassing over 100k miles.  But it was a trip up and down the Al-Can to Alaska’s Kenai peninsula that opened his eyes to the thrill of riding with something other than pavement under your wheels, and the utter joy of overcoming the challenges such a ride entails.  It took a few more years of exploring Washington’s numerous forest service roads (and destroying a few springs in the process), but he’s now head strong about backcountry riding.

After watching a few of the BDR films in his off-road research, Robert was forwarded a listing for a BDR Project Administrator from a friend.  Call it kismet, destiny, or fate…. Robert is thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful, caring team that is so committed to community, nature, and of course, riding!  

When not in the office answering your emails, helping coordinate the next fundraiser event, or making sure you get your membership package, he is probably discovering his next favorite craft beer.  A lot of miles have been put on his bike visiting the many independent breweries Washington is nationally recognized for. If he’s not chatting up someone at a brewpub, you can probably find him enjoying live music of all styles.

Nathan Fant

Routes Manager

Born in Alaska, and raised in Oregon and Southwest Washington, Nathan has always been a seeker of adventure, outdoors, and finding ways to share it all with his friends. Having grown up in the country, he deeply appreciates the peace and serenity nature has to offer. When he was a kid, he had a reoccurring dream of owning a dirt bike and riding it around the 20 acre property he grew up on, but it wasn’t until he was an adult that he could afford to own one.

Nathan began riding motorcycles in 2006 and it wasn’t long after discovering the WABDR that the passion for adventure riding grew exponentially.  Nathan and his wife, Kris, began riding and camping every moment they could get away from work. Nathan enjoys the many parts of adventure riding, a mixture of technical challenge, remote beauty, camping, and photography. 

Having a background in technology and a passion for adventure motorcycles lead him to enjoy building and planning adventure routes whenever him and his wife took their dual sports into the backcountry for moto camping and exploration. A desire to share those adventures with family and friends lead him to create videos of the rides and share them on his ‘For the Love of Knobs’ FacebookYouTube, and Instagram channels.

Nathan enjoys giving back to the motorcycle community, and has been a dedicated BDR volunteer and Ambassador for over 5 years, helping scout routes, managing the BDR booth and presenting at motorcycle events and rallies.  Now an official staff member of the BDR team, Nathan will be sharing more of his passion for adventure, and inspiring others to explore the backcountry on two wheels.

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