PA Wilds Pennsylvania BDR-X

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The PA Wilds BDR-X is a spur off the Mid Atlantic BDR in Pennsylvania designed by one of the original architects of the MABDR. The east side of this loop includes parts of section 8 and 9 of the MABDR but then turns west into the PA Wilds before looping back to the start in New Columbia, PA some 500-plus miles later.

Similar to the MABDR, the route runs mostly on dirt and gravel roads through Pennsylvania State Forests with short stretches of pavement at the start, in between the forests, and at the end of each section. The route is designed in 4 sections with convenient places to eat, camp or lodge overnight at the end of each section. The beauty of being a loop route is that riders can start and finish from any point along the route.

The PA Wilds BDR-X has a familiar feel to that of the beloved MABDR with a few more optional advanced sections for those looking for a bit of a challenge. Ride it in conjunction with the MABDR and extend your adventure or ride the “X” alone and get your BDR fix over a long weekend.




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Address: 2 Main Street, Wellsboro, PA 16901
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Address: 392 Slate Run Rd, Slate Run, PA 17769
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Address: 1 W 4th St, Emporium, PA 15834
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Address: 18211 Bennetts Valley Hwy, Weedville, PA 15868
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Address:  612 McElhattan Dr., Wayne Twp, Pennsylvania, 17745
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This packing list serves as an example and is not intended to be a complete list for your backcountry riding needs. Feel free to customize this list to work for you.

  • Helmet
  • Boots
  • Goggles
  • Gloves (2 sets)
  • Protective gear (pressure suit, Leatt brace, knee braces)
  • Jacket
  • Pants
  • Balaclava or neck gaitor
  • Water bladder or bottle
  • Hydration pack
  • Ear plugs


Below are answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the Wyoming Backcountry Discovery Route.

The PA Wilds BDR-X is a backcountry loop route in Pennsylvania for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel. The route runs mostly on dirt and gravel roads through Pennsylvania State Forests with short stretches of pavement at the start, in between the forests, and at the end of each section. The route is designed in 4 sections with convenient places to eat, camp or lodge overnight at the end of each section.

Most years you should be able to ride starting mid May until the first snow fall in late fall.  The best time of year will be early June and September/October.

The PA Wilds route is designed to be ridden on adventure and dual-sport motorcycles, as well as driven in 4×4 vehicles. There are no single-track style trails on this route. Generally speaking, this is one of the easier BDR routes, however, there are a lot of tight corners on sleek gravel roads, and you can expect to cover sections of road with deep ruts, loose rocks, and other challenges.  Road conditions change from week to week based on the recent weather.  Depending on time of year and weather, there may be a few small deep water crossings. Flash floods are frequent during summer storms.  Don’t cross flooded washes. Wait until water subsides.

The Mid-Atlantic region can have strong thunder storms during the summer months.  These storms can contain lightning, hail stones and heavy downpours.

Yes. The PA Wilds BDR-X was designed for riding counter-clockwise and we recommend doing it that way, but it can be done clockwise. Signage on this route is confusing when going counter-clockwise but if you are following the tracks on a GPS unit you should not miss any turns.  Please be prepared for two-way traffic everywhere on this route and always remember to Ride Right to avoid head-on collisions around blind corners.
The average distance for a backcountry adventure motorcycle trip is about 150 miles a day. We recommend taking 4 days to complete this route.

Riders do not need any passes or permits for the PA Wilds BDR-X.

There are campgrounds along the route. Some primitive backcountry camps can be found along the way. Please make sure you camp near the road and respect the property owners’ private lands along the route. Please abide by state forest camping regulations.

In most cases camp fires are allowed, but check with local Ranger Stations to determine if campfires are allowed before you build one. In most cases, campfires are only allowed in fire rings. Be sure to fully extinguish fires so they are DEAD-OUT. Use water to ensure a fire is fully extinguished and the ground is left cool and wet.

You never know when the next gas station will be closed or out of gas.  So carrying extra gas is strongly suggested. Never pass up the opportunity to get gas.
This route cannot be ridden without the use of GPS tracks.  Be prepared and bring the downloadable BDR-X PA Wilds Map AND your navigation device with the latest GPS tracks loaded. Free GPS tracks are available for download on this site. The route can also be navigated using a smartphone GPS navigational app like Gaia, Rever and others. The BDR-X PA Wilds documentary film is a great source of information about the route. 

Any GPS unit capable of handling 15 track logs with a minimum of 1500 points each is suitable for use on the WYBDR. Garmin models that work best for this application are: Zumo 590/595/395/396, Montana, and 276Cx. Many other GPS units are compatible with the GPX file format, check the owner’s manual of your device for more information.  You can also import the tracks into a GPS navigational app, like Gaia GPS, but make sure you have the premium version of the app, so you can navigate via offline maps.

Cell phone service is very limited on this route so a satellite communication or tracking device is recommended for emergency situations. 

Any bike that has a license plate, can run knobby tires, is set-up to carry the gear you plan to bring, and has the fuel range to make the distance between gas stops. Most adventure or dual-sport motorcycles will be suitable for the trip.  Choose the bike that you are the most comfortable riding off-road.

DOT approved knobby tires are strongly recommended.

Segments of this route can be ridden two-up for those experienced in riding off-highway with a passenger and luggage. However, we strongly advise against riding the technical sections of this route two-up.

There are no gates along the PA Wilds BDR-X.

Please abide by posted road closure signs. Ignoring these signs is a sure-fire way of getting a road closed for good. That said, sometimes locals will post unofficial “road closed” signs on public roads for their own personal reasons. Additionally, land managers may not have removed a “closed” sign from a seasonal road – even though the sign right next to it clearly displays the open/closed dates. In these cases, use your best judgment – if in doubt navigate around the closed road and report it to BDR. And please remember never to engage in arguments with local land owners.

We do our best to post the most up-to-date information about the route on  We depend on the BDR community to inform us about route and road conditions, so if you encounter any road closures or sever conditions that are worth reporting, please contact us with the information.

The Mid Atlantic is a habitat to many large animals like the Black Bear, Deer even Mountain Lions. Safe food practices while camping are an absolute for your safety and the animals safety.  Here is a link to find out more  Rattlesnakes are also found throughout the route.  You should also take special precaution and safeguard yourself from ticks, which are numerous in the forests of the Mid-Atlantic states.  Make sure to check yourself every night after riding, especially if you’re camping.  Visit this page for more information on tick-safety.

It is absolutely essential that you Ride Respectfully and follow the tips outlined in our Ride Respectfully campaign.  Remember, it’s up to all of you to preserve our access – we can easily lose access to many of these roads if we don’t practice proper etiquette. Always represent BDR and the ADV community in the best light.

Rating the Routes by Difficulty

We often get requests to provide the difficulty ratings of the BDR. We do not officially rate roads or routes because the difficulty can change from day to day depending on weather, changes in road conditions, and road damage caused by a variety of forces including wind, storms, flooding, snow, logging, forest fires and more.

The difficulty experienced by an individual also depends on their off-road skills, level of fitness, stamina, bike size and amount of weight carried on the bike. For these reasons we can’t provide a rating system like a ski resort or OHV park.

We can help you a bit by ranking the existing Backcountry Discovery Routes from most difficult to least difficult. Here is the list: CABDR-South, NEBDR, AZBDR, WYBDR, UTBDR, COBDR, NVBDR, WABDR, NMBDR, IDBDR, MABDR.

So CABDR-South is the most difficult especially if you ride the expert sections and MABDR is the easiest in general terms. Although MABDR is the easiest there are still a few challenging rocky sections and the several water crossings that can get very difficult if the water is high.

Be sure to also review the FAQ’s for each route and our General FAQs prior to embarking on your trip.

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