Become a BDR Ambassador

Weather you're interested in scouting the routes, working with local businesses and riders to promote the BDR mission, teaching BDR clinics, or you have a few hours to help at BDR events, we welcome your help. Become a BDR Ambassador to help us serve and inspire the BDR community, and take part in growing the BDR organization and planning its future.

Volunteer Opportunities for BDR Ambassadors

1. Local Route Representatives

  • Become a specialist in at least one BDR route.
  • Help with route scouting and reroutes.
  • Answer route questions.
  • Help create and curate a list of route lodging and food options.
  • Work with local businesses to promote BDR and award the “BDR Business Supporter” sticker to businesses that serve BDR riders.
  • Recommend local businesses for Resources Listings (training, touring, rental companies, dealers, etc).

2. Movie Premieres & Dealer Relations

  • Help organize movie premieres.
  • Talk to at least 3 local dealers about movie events.
  • Organize at least 1 movie theatre event.
  • Recruit volunteers to help staff the event.
  • Work with local dealers and encourage them to stock BDR merchandise (dvds, maps, stickers, etc).

3. Community Outreach & Education

  • Organize or attend at least 2 events a year (trade shows, classes, presentations, etc).
  • Volunteer at BDR events.
  • Teach BDR classes and clinics.
  • Organize and lead BDR presentations.
  • Lead Women’s specific outreach.

4. Administrative/Office/Marketing Support

  • Help with Membership fulfillment.
  • Assist with contact management.
  • Contribute content for web, newsletter, social media.
  • Contribute design services.

Benefits to Ambassadors

  • Have the satisfaction of being a part of the BDR organization and participating in planning its future.
  • Receive a special Ambassador t-shirt, sticker, patch.
  • Ambassador’s Name/Headshot /Bio listed on the the website.
  • Eligible to go to the BDR Ambassadors Annual Conference.
  • Networking - gain new friends and contacts in the industry, and share your passion for BDR and the adv lifestyle.

Who Can Become an Ambassador

Individuals shall meet the following criteria to be considered for the BDR Ambassadorship:

  • Be a Seasoned ADV'er.
  • Be a current BDR Member (at any level).
  • Have ridden at least one of the BDRs.
  • Have passion for the BDR mission.
  • Can commit to at least 20 hours a year as a volunteer for BDR.
  • Be a Team Player and Collaborative Spirit.
  • Bring about diversity to the Ambassadors group.

How to Become an Ambassador

  • Interested individuals can join the BDR Ambassadors Program throughout the year by filling out the Ambassador Application Form and emailing it to BDR. 
  • Individuals will be notified of their inclusion in the Program within 2 weeks of submitting the application.
  • Ambassadors can opt in/out of the Program on an annual basis.


BDR Ambassadors


    Jocelin Snow

    Location:  Salinas, CA

    BDR's completed:  WABDR, COBDR

    Bikes: BMW R1200GS, R1200GSA, 310GS, KTM990

    About:  Jocelin Snow has been riding for over 35 years and has traveled by motorcycle all over the world. She has competed in all types of motorcycle racing including the AMA 250GP, in which she also worked as the chief mechanic, assisting the team to national championship. She also made the women's international team for the BMW GS Trophy, and will be competing in the Spring of 2018 in Mongolia.  Jocelin is constantly striving to be a positive role model and inspire women in motorcycling.  She has worked with ADV companies to research, design and develop safe and effective womens motorcycle gear.  As a BDR Ambassador, she hopes to educate riders about the BDR mission, inspire people to adventure and explore, and support small communities through motorcycing. 

    Clark Denny

    Location:  Morrison, Colorado

    BDR's completed:  COBDR, UTBDR, IDBDR 

    Bikes: Triumph 800XC, KTM 350 EXC, Polaris RZR 1000

    About:  Clark started riding when he was 9 and jumped into motocross racing in his teens. He has owned countless street, dirt, and ADV bikes. He and his wife recently retired from the IT industry where they owned and ran multiple businesses. Now, they have some time to play. Clark's "go-to" bike is the Triumph Tiger 800XC, and he's organized camping and riding trips in Moab, Utah for the last 20 years. He and his wife enjoy their well-used 37-foot Toy Hauler and love the adventures!

    Ron West

    Location: Laguna Niguel, CA

    BDR’s completed: CABDR-South

    Bikes: Husqvarna 701E

    About:  Since becoming a member of the Backcountry Discovery Routes, Ron has been singularly focused on assisting in the creation of both the recently released CABDR-South and the upcoming CABDR-North. From a very young age, Ron accompanied his parents on excursions to explore the mountains and deserts of California-exploration that continues to this day. Instilled with a rich appreciation for the history of the state and for its diverse and vast backcountry opportunities; and seeing these opportunities threatened, led Ron to volunteer for the BDR to further its goals. Ron was a member of the CABDR-South Filming Expedition.

    Bryan Pullen

    Location: Harrison, Maine

    BDR’s completed: COBDR, UTBDR,  AZBDR, NMBDR, MABDR, NEBDR (scouting team member)

    Bikes: KTM 350 XC-F, KTM 950 SE, KTM 950 SM, KTM 990 Adv Baja, BMW R1200GS

    About: Bryan currently has 53 years experience riding motorcycles, progressing from motocross racing as a teenager, through sport bikes to the adventure bikes he currently rides. Motorcycles are the only thing that comes close to his adventures in a F15 Eagle, flying air defense for the National Guard in addition to 35 years as a commercial pilot. The BDR’s mission, the advent of GPS and the planned routes they provide have completely transformed the sport. So inspired by the experience, he has attended almost all of the fundraisers and hopes he can encourage others to enjoy the backcountry.

    Eric Hougen

    Location: Longmont, CO

    BDRs Completed: COBDR, NVBDR (film expedition member), UTBDR

    Bikes: WR250R, KTM350EXC, DRZ400S, Honda 250Rally

    About: Eric is an avid ADV small bike rider and an ultralite packer. He is the owner/designer of Wolfman Luggage which sponsors many trail conservation and rider groups. He is a Wilderness First Responder (WFR). Eric has volunteered for the BDR for many years, inclduing pre-running routes, providing events support, participating in the NVBDR film expedition, helping advocate safe riding practices through the Ride Right campaign, among his other contributions.  Wolfman Luggage has been a long-time annual sponsor of the BDR, and donates door prizes and discounts to the annual BDR Membership Program.  Wolfman also manufactures the Butler Maps’ multiple map holder.

    Tracy Jeffries

    Location: Kirkland, WA

    BDRs Completed: WABDR, NVBDR, IDBDR

    Bikes: BMW 1200 GS Rallyee, BMW G650 XChallenge and KTM 350

    About: Tracy is the true champion of the local ADV scene.  Tracy has volunteered for BDR since the founding of the organization in 2010. An ADV instructor and an industry insider, Tracy has inspired men and women to be better dirt riders, and has helped foster many relationships in the local ADV community.  Tracy is an advocate for women joining the ADV community.   

    Bill Dragoo

    Location: Norman, OK


    Bikes: 2018 R1200 GS Rallye, 1992 R100 GSPD

    About:  As a moto-journalist, certified BMW factory-trained off-road instructor, flight instructor and certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Coach, Bill Dragoo never strays far from adventure.  He has enjoyed first and second place finishes at the Rawhyde Adventure Rider Challenge and represented his country as one of three men competing with Team USA in the 2010 BMW GS Trophy held in South Africa. He has ridden motorcycles on five continents and has hiked through the Himalayas to Mount Everest Base camp with his lovely wife Susan.

    “The best part of any adventure is sharing it,” says Bill, and he does just that through his stories presentations, and by teaching others some of the finer points of managing a heavy dual-sport motorcycle through questionable terrain.

    John Ciribassi

    Location:  Carol Stream, IL

    BDR's completed:  MABDR, COBDR

    Bikes:  KTM EXC350F, KTM 1090 Adventure R

    About: John has been riding since he was in grade school, riding mostly motocross (Yamaha YZ 125 and CZ 250).  He returned to riding after veterinary school when he purchased a used Honda CR250.  He discovered woods riding in 2012 when Jack O'Connor invited him to ride the New Jersey Pine Barrens and he never looked back.  John traded in his motocross bike for a DRZ 400, and then a KTM 350.  The ADV bug bit in 2014 when he bought a BMW F800GS and he now rides a KTM 1090 Adventure. He is married to Elise who gives him enough freedom to explore his motorcycle passion and has two daughters. He is looking forward to helping to advance the cause of the BDR community.


    Kumi Suzuki

    Location:  Snohomish, WA

    BDR's completed:  WABDR, Portion of IDBDR

    Bikes: HUSQVARNA 701, KTM 300

    About:  Kumi has been riding motorcycles since 2013, and her first bike was a Harley-Davidson Sportster.  After riding pavement for over a year, she wanted to try off-road riding and got her first off-road bike in 2015, a BMW F800GS. Since then, she has been riding on and off-pavement year round, rain or shine.  She also likes to ride her dirt bike in the woods. Kumi finished the Desert 100 race in 2018 as her first race ever.  She believes that enthusiasm and grit are more important than years of riding experience.  She likes to explore trails, scout new routes, and plan and lead group rides.  Her catchphrase is "Let's go ride!”, always with a smile.

    Jayson Stangel

    Location:  Golden, CO

    BDR's completed: NMBDR, AZBDR, COBDRx3 most of UTBDR 

    Bikes: KTM 1090 Adventure R

    About:  Jayson Stangel got into Adventure Motorcycling after being in the Overland community for many years. On one Overland trip, one of the Land Rovers broke down and he was stranded in San Fransisquito, Baja. While waiting for parts, a guy rode in on a well-used BMW 650 GS Dakar. The team’s huge Land Rovers equipped with fridges, awnings, cases and more gear in trailers seemed silly compared to this man’s half-filled top bag and roll of small bills. After they returned home, Jayson googled BMW GS, found Charlie, Ewan and a brand-new F-650 GS. Since then, he’s been hooked. Jayson has explored all over the Southwest; everything from single track on KTM 300s and 350s to Jeep roads, mountain passes and BDRs on a KTM 690 and my new KTM 1090.

    Kane D. Wagner

    Location: Youngstown, Ohio

    BDR's completed: MABDR; sections of AZBDR, UTBDR, & COBDR

    Bikes: Suzuki V-Strom, Husqvarna TE310

    About:  Kane has always had a passion for adventure and the outdoors and when he purchased his first motorbike in 2012, he was hooked. The thrill of adventure, route planning and map work, mentally and physically preparing, gearing up, practicing skills, challenges on more and more rugged terrain, overcoming adversity, community of like mindedness... all of these things combine to form synergy. Kane would like to take his experiences from the military, as a football coach, as laboratory manager, and as an adventurer and use them to spread the joys of ADV riding and the mission of the BDR.

    Neil Taylor

    Location:  Ellijay, GA


    Bikes: BMW R1200GS Adv, BMW R1200GS Rallye, KTM 450 EXC

    About: Neil is a British Special Forces Veteran with over 21 years experience in expeditionary planning and ADV motorcycle instruction. He moved to the US in 2015 and now roams the Western states with his wife in their RV, exploring the many backcountry routes along the way. In an effort to facilitate opportunities for other riders, Neil founded Backcountry Expeditions, offering organized tours along BDR routes for the US ADV rider community, alongside riders from the UK and Europe who are eager to explore the Western US.


    Suzanna Mannion

    Location: East San Francisco Bay Area

    BDR's completed: Portions of UTBDR and AZBDR

    Bikes: XR650L, CRF230

    About: Suzanna’s father introduced motorcycling to her when she was a child. Four years prior to owning her first car, her sole mode of transportation was a variety of small displacement, vintage, two-stroke, dual sport bikes which she commuted on daily to high school, work and then college. On weekends, Suzanna, her father and older sister would saddle up on their bikes and head out for 8+ hour days riding to the local mountain ranges or deserts of Southern California scouting off highway trails. Her love for riding was reinvigorated after two years of not having a motorcycle and when she started selling BMW motorcycles at a dealership in Sonoma County. There she had heavy interaction with adventure rider types. Suzanna later swapped the motorcycle industry for the wine industry where she focused on growing her marketing skill set. Today she is the US based Marketing Manager for Mt. Beautiful Winery who has sponsored Backcountry Discovery Routes since 2017. She looks forward to getting more involved in supporting BDR’s mission and riding more BDR routes when she’s not working or enjoying time with her beautiful young daughter and husband.

    Tim Paul

    Location:  Orangevale, CA

    BDR's completed:  Looking forward to scouting a future Northern California route.

    Bikes:  2017 Africa Twin, 2016 CRF250L, 2005 KTM 525 EXC, 2004 Honda ST1300

    About:  Tim is an avid ADV rider from Northern California who's had a long career in manufacturing as a Machinist, Fabricator, CAD/CAM Application Engineer and Product Designer in the motorsports, aerospace, and other high-tech industries. His passion for anything on two wheels started from atop his dad's gas tank as his father wheelied his 1978 Husky 390 around the neighborhood. Tim’s Dad gave him the gift of an adventurous spirit.  He bungee-corded Tim to his 1983 Honda Sabre at the ripe old age of 5 as they set off to explore the West from Mexico to Canada. By the time Tim was 8 he had logged well over 100k miles on the back of that Sabre, and countless miles in the dirt on his own. He spent his young adult life racing downhill mountain bikes around the country and traveling the world as a World Cup Mountain Bike Mechanic. After mountain bike racing Tim spent many years racing on two and four wheels from dirt to tarmac. As his sense of self-preservation increased with his age, Tim transitioned from racing to adventures and spends much of his time exploring the beautiful country that the west has to offer.

    Rob Newman

    Location:  Kent, WA

    BDR's completed:  OBDR, WABDR (partial) IDBDR (partial)

    Bikes: Triumph Tiger 800 XC, KTM 500 XCW

    About:  Rob has a long history in the backcountry, hiking, backpacking and these days by motorcycle.  He has led, planned, organized rides and events for over ten years in the Cascades, Idaho, and Oregon.  He has also been involved in teaching navigation and GPS skills.  

    Jason Priest

    Location:  Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada

    BDR's completed:  IDBDR 

    Bikes: KTM 1190 Aventure

    About:  Jason works for a North American valve manufacturer and has ridden motorcycles for the last 18 years. He started riding adventure motorcycles in the last few years, and he loves taking his KTM 1190 motorcycle camping, riding country roads, and riding fire roads in the mountains. He enjoys meeting others who ride these roads and hearing their stories. His future goals include riding the Washington and Colorado BDRs.

    Rick Benson

    Location:  Farmington, NM

    BDR's completed:  Portions of UTBDR, COBDR, NMBDR

    Bikes:  Ducati Multistrata, KTM 450X-CF, Yamaha Super Tenere, KTM 1290 SAR 

    About:  Rick is a US Navy Vet, and a retired engineer with 35 years experience in the natural gas industry. Rick is married and blessed with five children and six grandchildren. He is a member of the New Mexico OHV Association and helps clear trails with San Juan Trail Riders group. Rick looks forward to scouting routes and verifying road closures, and spreading the word about the BDR mission. 

    Curtis Cummings

    Location:  Las Vegas, NV

    BDR's completed:  AZBDR, COBDR

    Bikes:  GS, KLR, RT

    About:   Curtis has been a rider and an off-road advocate for over 45 years.  He is passionate about route preservation and promoting safe, respectful and responsible riding practices. Curtis has been instrumental in creating the NVBDR, and working with the local government to procure funding for the creation of the route.  Curtis is the owner of Great Southwest Moto Adventures offering tours and rentals in Nevada.  In his role as BDR ambassador, he is looking to promote responsible motorcycling and off-road recreation, and preserve land access for future generations.

    Juddy Arnold

    Location: Carlsbad, CA

    BDRs Completed: UTBDR, Parts of COBDR and AZBDR

    Bikes: DR650, CSC Zongshen Rx3, Triumph Scrambler, Yamaha YZ250F, 2 Yamaha R1s, Harley Davidson Nightster, 1977 Yamaha XT500, '82 Suzuki GS1100E, '75 Honda CB400

    About: Juddy started riding at the age of four, dreaming of grand adventures in the woods and mountains behind his home. While riding dirtbikes and sport bikes in the mountains of East Tennessee and North Carolina, he dreamed of riding for days at a time, camping, exploring and never seeing the same dirt trail or country road twice. After moving to Southern California in 2014, he started exploring all the states of the great Southwest, and the Baja Penninsula. After discovering the BDR in 2016, he fell in love with the wide open, yet supported nature of the non-profit.  As a BDR Ambassador and executive life coach, Juddy enthusiastically works to expose more people to the BDR and the sense of freedom, wonder and possibility it inspires. 

    Kevin & Beth Young - 2UpTogether

    Location:  Holladay, UT

    BDR's completed: UTBDR, IDBDR, and COBDR in 2018

    Bikes: BMW R1200GS Adventure 

    About: Kevin and Beth have been riding 2Up together for their entire 19 year marriage.  They believe adventure is best shared with the one you love.  They believe the challange of riding 2Up off road has strengthened their marriage.  Riding the BDR is a team building excersize that requires communication and cooperation.  It can be done 2Up and those and the memories that last a lifetime.

    Wiel Penders

    Location: Kirkland, WA


    Bikes: BMW 1200 GSA & BMW G650 XChallenge 

    About: Wiel got hooked on riding at age 4 doing laps on a little 2-stroke in Spa, Belgium.  Wiel spent much of his career at sea but now has a job that allows him more time to explore the backcountry on his adventure bike.  Wiel has ridden and lead rides on many of the BDR's.  He is a partner with the Good Adventure Company in Colorado and is active in planning and leading rides in the Western States and Mexico.  Wiel is passionate about the development of the backcountry discovery routes and wants to help grow it forward.      

    Dave Swezey

    Location:  Everett, WA

    BDR's completed:  WABDR

    Bikes:  BMW F800GS, BMW R1150GS ADV, Honda CRF450X, Kawasaki Ninja 250, Suzuki SV650

    About:  Dave is a previous GM of a local motorcycle dealership, an entrepreneur, and a passionate adventure rider.  Over the years Dave has shared his experience, knowledge, and passion to introduce others to dual sport adventures.   He enjoys sharing a meal around the campfire and swapping stories and laughs about who had the best or worst creek crossing or mud fest! He looks forward to growing the BDR organization and inspiring others to do the same.

    Jonathan Scheeler

    Location: Broomfield, CO

    BDR's:  COBDR

    Bikes:  BMW GLT, KTM 250, R6

    About:  After having a true BDR experience on the COBDR, Jonathan has regained a new hope for humanity and since then has never ran across a ADV rider he could not get along with.  He is interested in anything that evokes the spirit of riding and donating to anything that protects our ability to ride on public lands. 

    Jack O'Connor

    Location:  Pt Pleasant, NJ

    BDR's completed: COBDR

    Bikes:  Husky TR 650

    About:  Jack runs the Pine Barrens Adventure Camp Riding School, an adventure motorcycle touring and training company on the east coast.  He is the preferred supplier of adventure routes and training classes for the Touratech Rally East.  Jack also plays an important part in planning the East Coast BDR's.  

    Mark Neville

    Location:  San Anotnio, TX

    BDR's completed:  COBDR

    Bikes:  G650GS, F650GS, K1200RS, YZ25F, SR500, Fat Boy

    About:  Mark is an architect by trade and avid adventure motorcyclist. He wishes to contribute his time and experience to grow the BDR organization for the benefit of others.

    Bill Hearne

    Location:  Rapid City, SD

    BDR's completed: COBDR

    Bikes:  Beta 520, KTM 690E, 990 adv, Honda 450X

    About:  Bill is a member of Black Hills National Forestry Board and president of SD Trails Development Nonprofit.  In his role as BDR ambassador he wishes to be active in the ADV community and enhance new BDR trail development.

    Chuck McNeal

    Location:  Ft. Collins, CO


    Bikes:  KTM 990 ADV, 450 XCW

    About:  Chuck has helped scout the CO, AZ and NM BDR routes and has been a dedicated volunteer and benefactor. 

    Shalmarie Wilson

    Location:  WA


    Bikes:  BMW F650 GS, Honda 250X

    About:  Shalmarie holds the record for most BDR's ridden in a single year.  She was a member of the NMBDR expedition team and has volunteered at numerous BDR events and functions.  Her passion for adventure riding and helping other women get involved in the sport has lead her to start the SheADV organization, a resource that promotes and supports women. 

    Stephanie Terrien

    Location:  WA

    BDR's completed:  AZBDR, COBDR, WABDR, IDBDR

    Bikes:  BMW F650 GS, Honda 250

    About:  Stephanie also holds the record for riding the most BDR's in one season.  She wants to share her love of the BDRs with others, help the organization grow and serve the ADV community better.  She is passionate about encouraging women to "ride their own ride".  She is also a contributor to the SheADV organization.  

    Hank Shaw

    Location:  Topanga, CA


    Bikes:  BMW R1200GS, Honda XR650L, KTM 450 EXC

    About:  Hank has been a CEO, COO and CMO in marketing and media his entire career.  He is a passionate rider devoted to discovery and strongly believes in the mission of the BDR.  In his role as BDR ambassador, he wants to make other riders aware of this terrific resource and make the BDR's more accessible to the off-road riding community. 

    Robert Reger

    Location:  Boulder, CO

    BDR's completed: COBDR, UTBDR

    Bikes:  BMW F800GS, Yamaha Super Tenere, Yamaha WR250R

    About:  Roger strongly believes in the BDR organization and its mission.   He has a long history working with nonprofits in marketing and fundraising.  He hopes to use his experience to drive membership and fundraising activities to grow the BDR.

    Greg Hilchey

    Location:  Olympia, WA

    BDR's completed: WABDR

    Bikes:   KTM690, Yama WR250R, Honda CRF250X

    About:  Greg is an avid adventure rider and off-road motorcycle instructor.   He has been involved in the sport and is an industry promoter.  Greg is an accomplished trail side chef and has contributed recipes to the BDR cookbook. 


    Dennis Godwin

    Location:  Buena Park, CA

    BDR's completed:  WABDR

    Bikes:  BMW 1200GSA, XR600R, Gas Gas 300

    Dennis is has been living and riding off road in CA for 56 years.  It is not uncommon for Dennis to log around 30,000 miles per year including riding off road, participating in rallies, competitions, and events.  Dennis competed in the GS trophy challenge.  He enjoys surrounding himself with like minded ADV people and hopes to inspire more people to live and ride the ADV life that he enjoys so much.  Dennis is involved in scouting the CA BDR routes. 


    Lance Gines

    Location:  Boise, ID

    BDR's completed:  IDBDR

    Bikes:  BMW R1200GSA, 1200GS, 800GS, KTM 1190R, Kawasaki KLR650

    About:  Lance started riding as a kid with his dad and knows the Idaho backcountry as well as anyone.   He is a big advocate of adventure riding and owns a touring and rental business, Into the Horizon Adventure Tours, based in Boise, ID.  He is an active member of the GS Giants, an organization that promotes Adventure riding around the world.  Lance supports the ID route and assists with local BDR premieres and events. 


    Jerry Bronstrup

    Location: Newhall, CA

    BDR's completed:    AZBDR, UTBDR

    Bikes:  KTM, BMW, Honda

    Jerry is a prolific and passionate rider, graphic artist, photographer, writer and a good trail cook. He knows how to change a tire changer and is known for his  McGiverish" trail mechanic skills.  He is passionate about promoting the ADV sport and responsive trail use.  In his role as a BDR ambassador he is eager to develop and protect our trails for the benefit of the community.

    Brian Tome

    Location:  Cincinnati, OH

    BDR's completed:  COBDR, UTBDR, AZBDR

    Bikes:  BMW 200GSA, KZ650, Harley Ironhead

    Brian claims to have converted more people from street bikes to dual sport riding than anyone except Charlie Boorman and Ian McGregor. He joined the BDR ambassador program to encourage others to get into the ADV community.  He will tell you that adventure riding is good for the soul and he’s passionate about enabling others to experience it. Brian believes in the BDR mission of making BDR routes accessible to every rider.


    Nathan Renstrom

    Location:  Jacksonville, FL

    BDR's:  WABDR

    Bikes:  Vstrom 650, XR400R, Suzuki TC100

    Nathan has been passionate about ADV motorcycling and off road riding for 17 years.   He is involved in the local support, scouting and route planning for the east coast BDR.

    Roger Pattison

    Location:  Taos Ski Valley, NM

    BDRs Completed: NMBDR

    Bikes: BMW R1200GSA, KTM 500EXC, Bultaco Sherpa-T, Honda CT110, Mecatechno Electric

    Roger is an avid ADV rider and has an enormous passion for his state of New Mexico.  He has been instrumental in the creation of the NMBDR, from scouting to securing support from local businesses along the route.  He was a member of the NMBDR expedition team, and continues to promote BDR and its mission and works with volunteers to ensure the route remains viable. 


    Dennis McGinness

    Location: Nokesville, VA

    BDR's:  COBDR 

    Bikes:  BMW R1200GS, WR250

    Dennis is inspired by what has already been accomplished by the BDR team and wants to assist with building the future BDR routes.  He firmly believes in the rights of the riding community to enjoy the state and national parks and wants to help BDR preserve access to public land.

    Eric Hall

    Location:  Irvine, CA

    BDR's completed:  COBDR, AZBDR, IDBDR

    Bikes: BMW R1200 GSA, KTM 990 ADV

    About:  Eric is an avid adventure rider,  and works as a senior editor at  He has led over 200 rides, and has extensive knowledge of GPS, route planning, group ride execution, and camping.  Eric is passionate about the BDR mission and plans to help with route scouting, outreach and education, and marketing projects for BDR.

    Timothy James

    Location:  Bergen County, NJ

    BDR's completed:  UTBDR, parts of AZBDR, COBDR, WABDR

    Bikes:  BMW R1200GSA, BMW F800GS, Husky TE450, Yamaha WR250R

    About:  Tim has owned a creative and advertising agency in the NY area for over 25 years.  Since becoming an Ambassador, Tim has generously donated his services to BDR, designing some of the most memorable collateral for BDR events, programs and online promotions.  An avid motorcyclist and adventure rider, for 10 years Tim has served on the Board of a non-profit organization in NJ called Extreme Habitat, helping open a public, legal, safe motorized off-road riding area in NJ.  In addition to donating his creative services, Tim is also a key member of the East Coast BDR scouting team.

    Whitney Koeberle

    Location:  Kirkland, WA

    BDRs Completed:  WABDR, IDBDR

    Bikes:  BMW R1200GS, KTM 690 Enduro, KTM 500EXC, 250XC

    About:  Whitney is the owner of Dirt Bike Safety Training.  As an off-road motorcycle instructor he enjoys being a part of the off-pavement riding community and sharing the sport with others.  He prefers to take the path less traveled and encourages others to do the same.  Having traveled extensively throughout the western US and conducted tours in Baja, he believes in the saying "Bad roads bring good people, and good roads bring bad people."  Whitney volunteers at BDR events and helps with scouting routes. 


    Jill Oliver

    Location:  Snohomish, WA


    Bikes:  KTM 1190, KTM 350 EXC

    About:  Jill loves the spirit of the BDR organization, and credits it with giving her the tools and network to make adventure motorcycling a reality.  In her role as the BDR Ambassador, Jill wants to share her experiences and encourage others, especially women and new riders, to ride the BDRs and join this amazing community of adventurers.  A GIS Analyst and an Environemntal Scientist by trade, Jill is developing a web application that presents real-time travel and planning data, and road and weather conditions on the BDR's.  We hope to soon launch this application on the BDR website

    David Emery

    Location:  Olalla, WA


    Bikes:  KTM 690R, BMW R1150GS

    About:  As a motorcycle enthusiast and BDR fan, David is eager to help BDR carry out its mission of preserving riding opporutnities for the advetnure motorcyling community.  

    Mark Plank

    Location:  Temple, TX

    BDR's completed:  IDBDR

    Bikes:  Suzuki DR 650SE, Kawasaki KLX250, KTM 300 XCW

    About:  Mark is retired military and has a background in law enforcement.  He says he prefers the lighter and more nimble adventure bikes these days.  He is a conservationist, which includes at least to him, the rational use and enjoyment of motor sports in the backcountry.  He is passionate about promoting backcountry use and feels that the BDR organization portrays thoughtful, respectful and more contemplative and introspective into the off road riding community. 

    Ben Archer

    Location:  North Brunswick, NJ

    BDR's completed: 

    Bikes: BMW R1200GS, BMW G650 XCountry

    About:  Ben is from the UK and moved to the states about 5 years ago.  He has been a motorcycle instructor and now works for a BMW dealership.  Ben’s sole transportation is a motorcycle and he usually rides between 10 to 15 thousand miles a year.  He has ridden off road much of the European countries, parts of Thailand and the USA.  Besides dual sport riding he enjoys time on the track and motocross.  He is also a huge advocate for bikers rights.  Ben especially enjoys camping and exploring the backcountry. 

    Trevor Morton

    Location:  Sacramento, CA

    BDR's completed:  UTBDR, COBDR

    Bikes: KTM 1190 ADV R

    About:  Trevor is a prolific traveler, amateur photographer and passionate adventurer.  As a registered nurse, Trevor balances his work-life in the emergency room with the serenity of"helmet time" on the trail.  As a BDR Ambassador, he hopes to reach out to new riders, grow the community and preserve the trails for generations of use. 

    Jason Lamb

    Location:  Irvine, CA

    BDR's completed:  AZBDR

    Bikes:  BMW F800 GSA

    About:  Jason is an attorney by trade, and adv rider by passion.  In his role as BDR ambassador, he wants to contribute to the BDR experience and get the word out about adventure riding.

    Kyle McCoy

    Location:  Seattle WA

    BDR's completed:  WABDR

    Bikes:  KTM 1190 Adventure R, BMW G650 XChallenge

    About:  Kyle is on the board of directors of Trust for Public Land and Seattle Parks Foundation.  He believes adventure riding is a great way to decompress, meet amazing people and challenge himself in new ways.  As BDR ambassador, he is eager to preserve public space, off road recreation and give back to the BDR organization. 

    John Hax

    Location: Golden, CO

    BDR's completed: COBDR, UTBDR, NVBDR

    Bikes:  BMW F650GS

    About:  John was in the Marines where he had the opportunity to explore the world.  He was often flying and found himself looking down on desolate dirt roads and telling himself one day he was going to find out where those remote roads went and since then he has ridden thousands of miles exploring the back roads.  He enjoyed it so much that he now owns a tour company so he can share adventure motorcycle riding with others. 

    Douglas French

    Location:  Sedona, AZ

    BDR's completed:  AZBDR, IDBDR

    Bikes:  BMW 1200GSA, R NineT Scrambler

    About:  Douglas grew up racing motorcycles.  He often takes his family to Colorado to ride dirt bikes and fuels his passion for off-road motorcycle travel.  He loves to explore new places and packing everything he needs to live off his bike for extended adventures.  Douglas is an entrepreneur and that gives him the ability to go on trips with his bike more often.  He raced motocross and downhill mountain biking into the pro ranks but his greatest memories were made experiencing the outdoors.  

    Tim Gettier

    Location:  Wirtz, VA

    BDR's completed:  COBDR

    Bikes: R1200GSA

    About: Tim was first introduced to Dual sport / Single track travel in 2008. He is an avid mountain biker, proprietor of a small construction company in Virginia, and member of the Twin Valley Riders, that puts the annual Twin Valley Rally. Tim has completed the COBDR solo in 2016.  He loves the concept of the BDR - being able to get away from the commercialized areas of a state to see what the backcountry of each state has to offer. He wants to share with others who may be timid about embarking on an long distance off-road trip that they can do it, and that its not only something to dream about, but something that can be done with the correct preparation.

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