Backcountry Discovery Routes® (BDR®) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that creates off-highway routes for adventure and dual-sport motorcycle travel. The organization’s work includes promoting rider education and safety campaigns, driving a positive economic impact to rural communities, and encouraging responsible motorcycle travel in the backcountry. Through the careful investment of funds and working with land managers and other public benefit organizations, BDR seeks to keep remote roads open for motorcycling for generations to come.

The BDR relies on the generosity of our donors and the efforts of a dedicated team of volunteers and ambassadors who contribute thousands of hours each year to help carry out our mission.

Epic Motorcycle Adventures at Your Fingertips

Since 2010, BDR has been providing free “turn-key” backcountry motorcycling itineraries to the community. These resources now include:

GPS tracks

Digital maps

Trip planning &
rider resources

Route condition


Group pages


Available 24/7 on RideBDR.com

BDR publishes a high-quality waterproof motorcycle map for each route that’s packed with information. A feature-length expedition documentary film is produced and shown at over 80 locations nationwide. BDR maps are available for purchase at our store. The films can streamed for free on Youtube.com/RideBDR.

The BDR relies on a team of volunteers and ambassadors who contribute thousands of hours each year to carry out the mission of the BDR.

The future of the organization depends on donations from motorcyclists who have been inspired by the routes. Please help us keep the BDR movement rolling.

Join the BDR community!

BDR could not have accomplished it’s goals without support from individuals like you and our corporate partners.

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