Riding motorcycles off-road is dangerous. Even if you’re an experienced rider and adhere to common safety rules, things can go wrong when you share a road with other riders.

We have seen and heard about numerous incidents involving cutting corners, and riding motorcycles in the left track on the BDR’s.  While the routes are designed to be travelled South to North, you should expect other riders and ATV’s traveling in the opposite direction.

To bring attention to the inherent risk of motorcycle travel in the left lane, and promote safe riding on trails, BDR has developed the Ride Right Initiative to remind riders to always STAY on the RIGHT side of the road to avoid head-on collisions.


The National Safety Council recommends the four “R”s when trying to avoid a head-on collision:


the road ahead

Always be in the act of scanning the road in front of you while observing the hazards around you.

Drive to the


Driving to the right implies that, if possible, be in the right-hand lane.

If you are on a two-lane road, keep to the outside of the lane.

This will put you on the right side of the lane and safer from head on collisions (and accidental lane changes).


your speed

Reduce your speed if you notice the other car swerving or not paying attention.

Bringing you speed down by 30, 20, or even just 10 MPH can make a big difference between life and death.


off the road

Finally, riding off the road means you slow down and merge into the shoulder or grass to your right in order to avoid the head-on collision.

This is another reason that riding to the right-side can be so helpful.

Ride Right Sticker

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