When you ride BDR you are not only sharing the roads with other vehicles and pedestrians, but you’ll also be interacting with a variety of 4-legged and winged creatures along the way. Caution should always be taken when approaching or passing these animals.

Wildlife: Wild horses, deer, antelope, moose and even smaller furry or feathered creatures out on a BDR can be a threat to your safety – as well as theirs. Wildlife can appear very suddenly and move unpredictably so your best defense is offense. Always scan ahead and to the sides and keep your speed down in areas with dense vegetation where animals could be lurking. Be mindful that the risk is always higher at dusk and after dark.

Livestock: When passing farms, ranches or free-range livestock keep in mind that these animals are someone’s livelihood. Be considerate and respectful. Always slow down, stop, and pass slowly. Reduce engine noise as much as possible and wait for them to clear the road before proceeding. Be patient, do not force or scare them off the road.

Domestic: In rural areas, people tend to let their family pets roam freely. It’s not uncommon to be chased by a dog on a BDR route. Stay aware of your surroundings and keep your speed way down when passing by domestic animals. When approaching horseback riders, always pull to the side of the road and cut your engine until they pass.

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